Painting it Out.

So, I'm assuming you will forgive my bloggy absence this past few weeks. I've been painting the Picket Fence digs. It all started with a window removal. This is the old window. Which mind you, I loved. It just made things a bit ...dark. In an old house you live with elegance, character, moving walls, squeaking floorboards and most often ...a severe lack of light. I wanted light , hence , a pre Christmas reno.... madness. Yes, the people who told me I was mad, painting prior to Christmas. You were right .            
See  below.....   :) 
Anyway, this is the new window, forgive it's unpainted state, but you will get the idea. It goes all the way to our very high ceiling. I bought it for $13 on Ebay. Score :)  See the pressed tin on the walls .... I'm still stroking it. I've always wanted tin and due to some damaged tiles...I have tin :) 
I love him  :)  Perhaps even more so, with tin ;)
 Eventually we will get new cabinets , cook tops and hopefully a big deep European sink , but that's not in the Picket Fence budget for another say, 10 years. That is unless I find a bargain. I'm thrilled with this as it is for now.
 To add to the light , I've been painting. Yes you guessed right :) Antique white USA by Dulux on the walls and the trims in Dulux China White. The following photos show this in progress. Prepare for scenes of great chaos.
I started with great optimism.
And gusto.
Later I'll paint this too. But for now. I'm over it !
Mr Picket Fence looking for his remote control :) No, actually, he's removing some brackets.
A friend consoled me about the paint in my hair, big flecks of white amongst the dark. She said I looked arty. Truth be known , some people look arty with paint in their hair. I don't. I looked scatty .
And nearly after... see the window in the next picture. 
Worth it ? Yes :) 
Some tidier pictures :)  
I'm dreading painting the pantry.  
I'm also doing a huge declutter... New Years resolution.
Who dirtied up my mirrors ?
  And now Christmas is upon us. I have stopped. I will continue the marathon in the new year. For now, I'm ignoring the parts I missed and eating cake :)
Wishing you all a Picket Fence kind of Christmas. That is, a beautiful , happy, family orientated ,simple kind of Christmas. Filled with joy, love and plenty of lovely Christmas food :)
 Thank-you for your friendship, patience and lovely comments and emails throughout the year, you've so often made me smile. See you next year... Cant wait ...See you there with bells on !!

Busy Busy....

Guess What I've been doing ? Can you guess ? I wonder if anyone can see anything different about this picture hmmmm ?