Treading Water

My name is Ava and I am a self imposed standard addict :)
 I run on a high motor . I believe each day should reflect a proud list of things achieved.
It's been 12 hours since I last ran around in a frenzy. 
Working , raising children , raising self , making a difference means I'm headed somewhere .
You know if you stop..... 
You just might 

 Just for today I'm allowing myself to tread water ( not stop) 
I've made a cup of tea .... I might even have two.
This shot is in close up so you don't see the scattered debris of existence in the background.
I'll face that later, and mind you, face it well.
For today, I've switched off the phone , turned off my email and I'm enjoying the serenity.
Do you do this ? I'm giving it my best shot :)


Middlemost Love

A little secret . I love hand made , I love girly girl dresses and I adore Middlemost, an industrious maker from Wagga. I discovered her about a year ago on Instagram ( follow me with the link on the side bar ) Janine sold beautiful clothes at Liz's beautiful shop called Gleaners ( Where I got my foxy scarf ) 
She makes clothes from vintage recycled fabrics ... listens to the odd Pixies song and now is a mad keen Roller Derby girl can see her roller derby gear here , and you can buy her to die for dresses , skirts , blouses and jewellery here. Addictive much ...don't say you weren't warned  xx

These are her latest dresses .... Hmmm Don't mind if I do ;) 
Make sure you have a look 

Instagram Round up x

A ship called "Notorious" 
Council clean up roadside treasure.
Days of cats, kids and dappled winter light. 
New dresses in the mail and fallen owls.
Blog updates on much of these to follow shortly xx

My Orphan Window / Industrial Menu Board

A relentless collector of building materials ... my whole house has been renovated on other peoples cast aways. Before even owning a house we lived with a shed full of old architraves,  doors , mantelpieces and windows ... For one day.
This orphan window is one of the many things I've never used and found hard to part with .
A few coats of blackboard paint , some eye hooks and wire and she has been reborn ....ready to hang.
Thrilled with my new menu board 
Treasured things ... even the vegetables

Stitch in Time

Today we sewed ... we had big plans , skirts, dresses, pyjamas .... and then those plans got realistic, they became heat bags. Heat bags filled with wheat and lavender, shaped like bluebirds and dinosaurs. Three of the Picket Fence children used the sewing machine for the first time. Miss Teen Picket Fence made us scones (and a scone like mess in the kitchen I might add.)
Miss 9 and Miss 11 took all photo's bar two (wishing I'd done my hair) and we made, if nothing more .... memories xx

Instagram Round up

 I love Instagram .... Weekly round up .... Croup. Croup part 2 ...A boy who is feeling better. Antiques and hoarding. Winter garden. Glasses. Dinosaurs. The fallen nest of a Sugar glider and some words of wisdom.  Photo's in no particular order. I hope you all had a wonderful week  xx