My house was clean and tidy.

So many lovely emails and messages on my return to blog land . I feel like the prodigal son ( daughter ) Thank you. 
It's school holidays in the Picket Fence House ... life is more relaxed , somewhat messy but all in all it's a good place to be. This week we have trips to the movies , some crafting and lots of lazing around planned. 
Yesterday .... my house was tidy . This never happens. A Kodak moment. I've decided to enjoy it for what it was .... a lovely moment in time :) 
Today I will embrace the dust, Lego, matchbox cars and half finished sculptures of cardboard and wool ... maybe not so easy on the eye but certainly good for the soul xx


  1. my house looks like a dump! those antlers? look interesting!

  2. So glad your little guy is feeling better! I love all of the glass, so pretty. I have been doing a little instagram collage for about 10 weeks now. If you would like please stop by and check it out. I'm following you on instagram and pinterest now too. I'm YoungAdventures on both. :) Enjoy your weekend!