Gorgeous Creative Friends and Sinking Ships

I am blessed to be part of a network of friends .... They are my tribe.
Like family, they remind me of who I am and why I am here. 
I love them more than a blog post could express.
Artists, makers, dreamers and storytellers ; they restore me.
One of them, is the beautiful Pennisula based artist Megan Greenwood . She is Emgee. 

A Silversmith and dream weaver  with a love of dark whimsy and storybook characters ~ Into the forest ~ Down to the sea ~

Her "Sink Ships" collection is based on romantic childhood dreams .
Dreams of Mermaids, Pirates and Sailors.
This week she sent me my own "Sink Ships" ring. Weighty, dream invoking, beautiful. 
I'm besotted . 

You can find her work here.

On Motherhood, Photographs and Self Esteem

Today we went to the beach ... a warm winters Sunday, 
We seized the moment. Miss 11 wanted to take a photo. I suggested just them with me behind the camera ....as one does when one is a forty something mother with a super huge fear of swimming costume shots.
Then I thought again . I teach my children that moments are more important than vanity. That the waif thin, spray tanned, air brushed models advertising drenches us with ...are gross distortions of reality.
That a life well lived is worth capturing on film.  
I don't want them to have no photographs of us together, spare a bunch of carefully filtered "selfies" from my phone .. ridiculously edited from what they remember. Imagine if I edited out all the good bits... all their favourite times because of distorted self esteem. Imagine if I was invisible.
At forty its time to get real, make memories ... to live.
So instead of deleting this photo after picking it to pieces ... I'm putting it out there. 
Do you want to be an invisible perfect memory or a much loved integral part of your children's history.
So hunched over, grimacing at the sun ....child with eyes shut...
This is us.... imperfect and happy. A memory for them.
 Living it with love xx