Red Shoes

Well hello again :) It's School holidays at the Picket Fence House so time for relaxing, getting out and enjoying this amazing winter weather we're having and pretty much  just appreciating what we've got. It's not a bad world , we are blessed xx
I guess for those who don't know me, you should know now, that I love the colour red, I love splashes of it here and there , little splashes to accentuate a vignette,  and big splashes to add some industrial vintage  "wham bam " to my world . I love it in clothing and I especially love red shoes.... Dorothy had it going on in the Wizard of shoes rock.  I am a completely boring non drinker , alcohol doesn't float my boat, but if I did partake , you can guess the colour of the wine I'd drink :)  I grow red apples, red roses and yep , paint my toenails... surprise surprise ... Red.  Red is a true colour, honest and sincere, vibrant and positive ... some times over the top, I think if I was a colour , for sure, I'd be red :)
I  have an artist /antique dealer/vintage industrial specialist friend in the mountains , the best kind of like minded friend, she gets my need for vintage and can talk fluently about patina. She loves Chesty Bond and gardens and photography ....Alicia :) You win the gold ribbon for classy friends xx Click her name to visit her Face book page, make sure you hit "like" ....  check out her blog , I am sooo lucky to know this woman she's a legend !
This is what she sent me this week,

A red fire bucket ( I mentioned patina ) ......Enid Blyton's  Mr Meddle is red too :)

An awesome piece of red vintage cast metal..... for the days when you have no friends at which to sock a tennis ball.....

And some shoe stretchers , ( because lovely as they are, Dorothy's shoes wont fit me)

Here at the Picket Fence house we are working on our chook yard ..... Hen's on Holiday :) It's a work in progress but here's a taste. They are going to live in here .Once the Reno's and polka dots are finished , I'll add some bunting  and frock it up further.
Second thing you need to know about me ... I do nothing by halves :)

Baby Picket Fence loves red !

Red antique tins, of which I confess I have far too many,

Vintage industrial red bottle carriers , great for holding a vase of flowers on the table, or throwing bunches of flat ware into when you're having  loads of friends around for a meal .... great to just sit on the shelf and look :)

This old Rabone measure reminds of my father, when I was a young girl, I'd spend what seemed like hours attached to the end of a similar tape measure as he planned and dreamed, and made memories I  now treasure.

After my last post, I was over whelmed by the number of lovely emails I received sharing my love of vintage colour ( some of you I can't reply to as your web pages had no reply email contact.. If this is you , I apologise...consider me grateful xx ) I love my colourful walls too, it's me, it's my style and I agree, I'll never fit into the white wall thing... It's like those stupid designer skinny low rider jeans that are everywhere these days ... some things will NEVER fit this Picket Fence Chick, so I'm not even going to try ;)
I love your comments so please say Hi , and I love followers so join my cheery crew and follow my ramblings,  the link is in the side bar under the follow me heading , I'd love to have you :)
Oh and put on those red shoes , I'll look out for you !!  

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  1. what an amazing collection of treasures you have there! really love the tea tins..starting to collect some myself.
    cheryl x

  2. Great pics of some lovely treasure! Your chooks are going to have the most stylish hen house ever! Can't wait to see it finished. Have a good week.

  3. Love all your red My colour is green but I have 2 pairs of red shoes you would drool over both have been in my posts one pair only recently.I adore the chok pen but I think Id want to take it over for myself instead lol

  4. Love the chook pen, what a hoot! Gahh, I could look at your photos for hours!!! and you are so right, red shoes are the best! My daughter Angel, when she was little, would wear nothing but her "Dorfy shoes" which is what we still call red shoes today ;)!
    Hope you are staying warm!
    jen xo

  5. oh Ava, what a truly gorgeous post! I love red too...your chicken coop is to die for...forget the chooks, when can I move in?

  6. What a lovely collection of vintage red things! I love the old toffee tin, and the bottle carrier ( I like the idea of storing cutlery in it). I have a red fire bucket near my front door (which is red)..they are great as flower pots :)

  7. hi Ava,
    I just wanted to thank you for such a generous comment- I must agree, but then I simply can't deny that I'm HOPELESSLY biased in favour of dear Bruce!

    I love the colour red too.
    I know my blog page is somewhat muted to reflect the gentler colours of things I sell, but at home it's a completely different picture.
    The siting room here is red and white with a very in-your-face red sideboard.
    My kitchen is sunflower yellow and the bathroom is like sitting in a bowl of custard!

    I love wearing red and ESPECIALLY red shoes- my mum and I always used to agree on the fact that you should never walk past a shop window with a pair of red shoes on sale, and not go in to try them on!

    I'll come over again soon and read more of your lovely posts

  8. Hi Ava,
    I love red shoes, red nail polish, my big red winter coat and splashes of red throughout my house. I am considering painting my front door red when we repaint the house.
    I love your red bits and pieces, I would love one of those bottle carriers but have never seen one up here which is surprising when we used to have a number of soft drink factories in town.I'll just have to keep searching!
    Have a wonderful holiday with your kids- we're painting the outside of our house!
    Love Deanne

  9. Did you really say you're planning to use the caravan as a chook house?? What a crazy, wild idea! It looks amazing, but how will you clean it inside?

  10. Just like any other chook house, with a hard floor, hay and broom and hose :) xx Ava

  11. What a truly gorgeous post full of lovely vintage things. I am a little jealous of the hen house... would like one of those in my backyard.

  12. Oh gosh, I have a seriously embarassing case of house envy. I love every thing in every single wonderful picture! M x

  13. Wow,we are more amazed by each new post!! The vintage caravan is outstanding, would love a pink one just the same! We would have to say that we feel the same way about pink that you feel about red, so pink is definetly the dominant colour in our home's.My son Parker (Leanne) does have a cornflower blue and red room.I must admit that I am going to copy your idea to collect vintage hard cover children's novels, on a shelf of Parker's book shelf.I will post some pics of his room one day x

  14. Hello Ava
    What a wonderful blog you have. It is so interesting and your red theme is joyous. It is a happy, exciting colour. I must say my favourite item is the hen house. It is truly adorable - I can just imagine the names one could have on these chicks- Madonna, Cher, Marilyn, oh I better shhh and let the chickens sleep.
    Looking forward to stopping by again soon
    Have a great week
    Helen Tilstonxx

  15. Hi Ava - thanks for your comment on my blog and for following.

    I've had a quick peep around your blog - it's a lovely space. As is your home - just beautiful. You have an amazing collection of wonderful objects and it's such a pleasure to look at it all. You are very blessed. :)

    As are your chooks - what a fab home! I'm with Kylie - I'd move in there happily.

  16. Hi Ava, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your really nice comments...I'm just winging it from day to day...not really planning what I will post about next...there's suppose to be more travel stuff but I find myself posting about vintage finds and what I'm doin around the house more often than not. I love your new's a lot of fun with lots of lovely splashes of red (my fave accent colour too) have some great loot and must have been collecting for a long should see how much great old stuff there is here in England...hubby's worried that when we come home there will be an extra container...just quietly...I'm working on it! Robx

  17. Just delicious! Your space online is just as lovely as the space that you are creating at home :)

  18. Just loving seeing all those red delights in your home. I'm very chuffed I copped a mention :0))) Beautiful photos!

  19. I love these old reds too! I like red especially outdoors, but I think I'm just too high strung to live with it! Haha! Great friend you have.... Very cool coop! Ours looks nothing like this.

  20. simply fabulous!!!!...pure inspiration!

  21. So much eye candy to drool over, I don't know where to start! It's like Romance come to life. Thanks so much for dropping by L'Heure Bleue At Home.

  22. Good Lord Ava..what a gorgeous post..

    I actually just had my pedicure and had my toenails painted RED!! normally it is hot pink for summer.

    I have a fair bit of red in my lounge rooms..

    BUT i wish i could wear red lipstick...(just doesnt suit me i think)...

    HEY ALICIA is awesome...we did the SVJ fair together (the last two times) & we had a HOOT of a time...
    she is clever...pretty..& just a gorgeous lady to call a friend...& your pressies from her are AWESOME...

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the caravan...
    I think i need to get a new life!!~??

    xx andrea

  23. Your vintage things are so lovely and so are all the reds! Thanks for dropping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and sharing.

  24. Wow! Your blog full of treasures is amazing. I just have to follow you now.
    Pam x

  25. Hello Ava:
    There is nothing quite like red to add a shot of colour and liven things up. We love all your scarlets and vermilions, especially the caravan - such fun!

    In our gardening days we were very fond of using Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff' to add drama to the borders. Its lipstick red accompanied by the most wonderful dark foliage really did make a 'hot' colour scheme.

    We have so enjoyed our visit to you having discovered you via the delightful Helen Tilston and shall look forward to many happy returns!

  26. Oh how I love your red touches... especially that red fire bucket and bottle carrier... loving it! And those vintage tins.. how gorgeous are those!!! It's funny you are enjoying winter and for us summer just started and we don't even wanna think about winter. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment... enjoyed reading it! I'm so glad you found me so that I can find you...I'm happily following you back and hope to visit each other often. Enjoy your winter vacation.~Poppy

  27. Ava, You had me at the first mention of loving red. I am such a red fanatic! It's everywhere in my home. We recently moved (2 years ago). At our Highland home I had a red door and a red kitchen wall. I miss them both terribly. Haven't got the hubby convinced that I need to paint my door red yet. Although, I accidently did scracth it with a wreath. It's a beautiful wood door, honestly I didn't do it on purpose. WOW, that polka-dot trailer (not sure what you called it) is absolutely darling! Love it all, the tins, fire bucket, truck, and shoe forms. I have never seen colored ones before. Don't know why, but my comp. isn't showing me anyones followers right now and won't let me follow you. I will be back. Last but not least, thanks so much for visiting my blog. Three cheers for us shorties! Yes, that 1/2" is important. Especially when my hubby is 6'3".

  28. Hi, I don't like red so much, but I enjoyed reading this post. All these red items are beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. I am your new follower now too.

  29. What GREAT treasures! I'm CRAZY over red too! Come by when you get a chance.

    Waving from Our Back Porch,

  30. I love the color red too. I have a red sofa and lots of red chairs. Here in blog land it seems like everything is white, so I am happy to know I am not the only one who loves red. I don't even think I will be showing my red stuff until Christmas. Send some of that winter here please, it is too blazin' hot here.

  31. Love all your collections! I have a tonka red truck too. It's my sons from the 1960's. I know what your thinking, but I kept all my sons dinky cars as well. I knew someday that my grandsons would enjoy them.

  32. Wow what a wonderful splash of have such lovely collectables...and all so lovely displayed! Cute blog, will come back later after the young gooseberries have been put to bed for a bit more of a sticky beak! :)

  33. Thanks for visiting my blog, I just love your photos especially the red themed post. I love red and have it dotted all over the house.
    Ann x

  34. I am really really really looking forward to seeing your chook house complete! gxo

  35. Thank you so much for stopping by...I LOVE that old red trailer!!! That would look so cute on my site at my campground! I'm your newest follower!

  36. Hi Ava! What an impressive haul! I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to stop by our blog and commenting, its always nice to know that somebody is out there reading! Bec& Simone x

  37. Hi Ava,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. LOVE your photos! The vintage items you selected are neat. I never used to be into vintage items but over the last few years I've become very interested in "old" things!
    xo Susan

  38. I adore red too, your treasures are gorgeous! What a lovely friend to know you so well x

  39. I love the red firetruck. I had something similar to that growing up. Your cat likes to look out into the world. My dog does the same thing. She stands in front of the door window.

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