Colour My World.

Hello again Picket Fence Friends, I hope your week was shiny bright and wonderful :) 
I was talking to a dear friend about my house this week, it's colourful , no two ways about it. I love colour but have been thinking of doing the white wall thing, I really need to dip a toe in but I'm hesitant because as much as I'm attracted to the current clean look of industrial whites, my heart is firmly planted in colour. The_Color_Kittens  by Margaret Wise Brown was, and still is, a favourite little golden book in the Picket Fence House. 
I decided to show you some photographs of my house as you would find it if you walked in now.I've not included the Picket Fence children's spaces because a) I think that they are entitled to a little privacy and b) their rooms looked like bomb sites :) The bathrooms are also on the excluded area list because they are on the need to renovate list and are currently, seriously ugly. I'll show you the sewing room in a future is a work in progress :)  Now, if you like the beautiful box with the vintage wall~papered exterior below , check out Adeline Country Cottage This girl floats my boat, she is very  talented  and just about the loveliest person you could find online :)

See, wouldn't white walls look awesome here ?
The Green apothecary style drawers came from Melbourne but were originally purchased in Jamberoo Antiques. Prior to that they lived on a ship serving as a provadores cabinet. That paint is around 200 years old....sigh...still my favourite thing in the house xx
This is the family room, the lead light was originally the fan light over the Ritz Hotel front doors in St Kilda. The hotel changed hands and all the RH product was sold off has lived a varied existence since then. I bought it in a decaying condition, had it shipped here in pieces and had glass replaced and repaired. Did I mention that Mr Picket Fence is a VERY patient man :)
The our lady statue below is an original Mattei bros & co. church statue, I had her posted here...amazingly she arrived intact.
A favourite spot in the family room :)

We have no built in robes...we love free standing cupboards. The one above houses the Picket Fence kids toys and board games.
Ignore the cat clawed lounge ;) I told you I was photographing "as is" ....this is how it is ! The chiffonier was one of the first things Mr Picket Fence and I bought together at auction, the mirror was his grandmothers and the Vladimir Tretchikoff  print was my Grandmothers.
Our house is full of children's books. My favourite is Enid Blyton. Again such lovely colours on the jackets !
I need to distress this bookshelf , it's on "the list"... read it's story here The Must Have White Bookshelf The Peters ice cream light dates from the 1950's , we turn it on every night.... I also had this posted ( another miracle !) I love Australian advertising....hence below.
Note above, my friend Chesty Bond....made from vulcanised rubber ...some would say the ideal man ;)
I love Globite and old suitcases, great for hiding magazines and less than pretty kids toys, Lego and , matchbox cars and blocks.
Where we eat, talk and unwind :)
Hmmm You can never have too much green china ! Note the Saint Rita Statue ( Patron Saint of lost causes)
How Baby Picket Fence see's the world ! ( The scales are our fruit bowl )
I love fifties sunbeam mix~masters . I have green and blue too, not pictured here.
A quiet corner, see I can do quiet ;)
My mother and my Grandmothers handbag's hang in the hall.
More green... this time in glass! Eeek, check out the patina on my silver ( I love patina)
My kitchen window...this was not the best shot I had, but had to be included ;) See the photo bomber. His name is BJ xx
Well I'd love to hear what you think of the Picket Fence House? It's a work in progress, loads of fun :)  A big thank~you to all my recent followers and  to people leaving comments. This is massively flattering ! And if you're not  following, click on the follow me button on my sidebar. I'd love to have you visit.  Thanks for dropping by , you make my day xx


  1. I love your house I was going wow wow wow about most of it.Its teh type of house I love and havent got.I love the colour on walls white doesnt do it for me but am sure you will make it beautiful whatever you do.

  2. Your home is stunning! It is always a pleasure to visit such beautiful space! Love it.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  3. Oh how I love your house :)

  4. Oh WOW Ava! I feel so privileged to have had this wonderful tour of your beautiful home ~ and I feel bad for not even having paid an entry fee! Thank you so much for sharing such loveliness with us all ~ you have such a wealth of beautiful treasures! I must confess to having had to read this post a couple of times over to take it all in! I love your style, and it was a treat for me to spot quite a number of things that I also have in my collection, so we must have similar taste! :) One of my favourite eras was the 1940's, and the problem I have had with decorating our home is my eclectic mix of styles - liking whites and shabby chic, but also the darker furnishings of the 40's, so I've made the lounge/hallway 1940's and the dining room and bedrooms whites, creams and roses! But mixing styles can sometimes be a bit tricky! I so enjoyed this wonderful tour ~ thank you so much! Love Brenda

  5. What a fantastic post and an AMAZING house! Sooo much to look at - you could never be bored in your house. I love your Ritz window, and the other stained glass windows, too. I would love to have a bergere suite, and your cupboard full of kitchenalia is fab. Thanks for the tour!

  6. oh lovely Ava...
    i feel like i've been out for scones & a pot of tea- which i must tell you- for me- if the best!
    i looove your house...we can't all do white- & i don't think white is meant for you my new friend!

    ok- my list of things to pinch & throw in the bck of the car when i come to visit one day...

    every single glass bottle, jar & bowl in those cabinets- yep every one!
    your scales
    the small glass boxed with typeset on the front
    the mirrors
    your entire pantry
    your chesty bonds hero

    i'd take alot more but that's not nice :)
    gotta leave you with something!

    i'll put it in my white house so you won't know it's yours!

    love the tour- melissa xx

  7. oh droool droool I have gone back over your photos a few times. Trying to work out what you bought from me but not sure. I did have a St Rita statue?? Your home is just gorgeous. Of course I have a soft spot for chesty as you know ;0)

  8. Wow, what an amazing house you have!
    Love the quilt on the old suitcase.

  9. Wow, have some of the prettiest things I've ever seen. That green chest is what dreams are made of. O, I love that.
    I also love all your cupboards and shelves...everything is just amazing.
    You have a beautiful beautiful home, dear one.
    xo bj

  10. Hi there April, wow, wow, wow, firstly thank you so much for the mention, it makes me very happy that you love the box I made, and not to mention the new one will be posted off soon, everything in your home is beautiful...I'm really feeling that large fan light on to die for!! and your lots of,
    With everything you have in your home a warm white would blend with everthing you own nicely sometimes going stack white can wash everything out and give off a blue hue (cold feeling) but I think if you did decide to go with it a warm white might be best as you have been living with warm colours for such a while by the sounds, maybe start in a small room and live with it for a while, then if you do like it move to the next room, or if not just paint it back to the colour you know and love...just have fun doing it...all your treasure will sit very well with a white...and would love to see your wall with you Fan light painted white as the Fan would really pop and show all the beautiful coloured glass in it...and as would all your other lead light you have, seen it done and it looks amazing...but once again you have to be happy with giving it ago, it's just paint...just like getting a hair cut or colour it will always grow and you can alway chage the colour if you don't like it...anyhoo beautiful post April.


  11. Hello Ava,
    thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming one of my newest follower! Your blog and home are Gorgeous! So many treasures. I L-O-V-E / Covet your children's book collection! I am so drawn to them. They are just happy! :)
    Thanks for visiting me,

  12. Lots of great stuff to look at! Love your green glassware, we have a few of those too.

  13. I think your collections would look great with a white walled background, I have recently started to convert my brighter walls to white and love the look. I have the same Carlton ware as your green collection in yellow, in fact I have the same little toast holder in yellow that you have there amongst your greens, they were my mother's.
    I must say I love that clock in your last picture too!

  14. I love the colours but I think white would work just fine in your house as you have so many colourful and interesting things on display that they would just 'POP' even more.

  15. This is your house!!!! Amazing I have no idea what I like best.....but of course I love old suitcases and your pantry and everything in it is to die for! oh my goodness if I ever come for coffee excuse me if I just wander and stare and gawk at all your treasures!

  16. Amazing! I especially love you pantry! Thanks for your kind comment on my hummingbird cupcakes. I'd love to know the recipe you mentioned for lumberjack cake...never heard of it!

  17. hello, and thank you for your comments on my blog - and yes we seem to have a lot in common. I love you house! can i stay? ha ha!!! looking forward to reading more soon. xxx

  18. what a great collection you have - lovely :) thank you for sharing

  19. Hi Ava..I think I will just have to follow you to see what happens with the paint job! I love all your stuff and notice you love cut glass like me..I just haven't got as much as you. I would paint it all a winter white..rather than bright white if I was you as it would be a slightly softer shade in those lovely old rooms of yours. Thank you for a delightful look into your house!

  20. Thanks for the Lumberjack Cake recipe. Can't wait to try it! I'm following!

  21. How could you even contemplate putting boring old white in amongst all that loveliness!? Never!! x

  22. Your home is lovely and full of warmth. Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage and adding your link to share with us.

  23. Lovely - I especially love the old children's books, reminded me of wonderful childhood memories of Enid Blyton and Louisa May Alcott - and what a house to read those old classics in!

  24. Wow!! Your home is stunning - it reminds me of an antique shop (in a very good way!) Everywhere you look is like, "Oh, look at this! Wow, look at that!" You have such a wonderfully eclectic collection. My favorite is the vintage mirror in the first picture with the overflowing flowers. LOVE!! Thank you for showing us a glimpse into your home, as well as for the sweet comments left on my blog. =]

    Your newest follower,
    -Nicole @

  25. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!
    x Marnie
    short and sweet today.....just like me

  26. OMG...AWESOME...AWESOME...GORGEOUS delicisiouness (if such a word)..

    x andrea

  27. Oh Ava, it is like stepping back in time --- I just love everything!!! Your home is amazing, and I am particularly fond of Mr Chesty Bond and your gorgeous Mixmasters ---- Sigh!!!!!

  28. Love the Blyton books, I read all of them as a kid and hope my kids will one day. thanks, for stopping by my blog.

  29. I love Enid blyton! Reminds me of my childhood! What a beautiful home you have!

    Sibylle (funkytime)

  30. How beautiful Ava. We're old book lovers around here too. I enjoyed this tour. Chesty Bond looks like a surfer straight out of a 50's or 60's movie :)

  31. My gosh, Ava, your house is beautiful! You and I share many of the same loves - stained glass, cool furniture, glass and glass and glass and china... And a love of color. Your more adventurous then me though, most of my walls are white so that I can have lots going on. I could imagine having lots of fun sitting with you in your house talking about different bits of furniture, glass, etc. I think you would have fun at my house too! Great blog, I will check it out more.

  32. Love the stained glass window. That is my favorite in your very lovely vintage home.

  33. Hello Ava....!

    THANKS so much for popping by Lovey....!!

    I am BESOTTED with all your BEAUTIFUL Treasures.....I think though....If I were to visit with you for afternoon tea I'd need a bib to save myself the embarrassment of a 'wet patch'....hahahahaha....Yes indeedy....My mouth would be open & watering at all that DELICIOUSNESS....!!!!!

    You've shown us SO MANY pieces it's HARD for me to pick a FAVE....hmmmmm....I ADORE Enid Blyton books published by Dean & Sons....I have a SMALL collection myself....If you're looking for any in particular let me know & I'll keep an eye out for you....Also....I Love LOVE L-O-V-E your suitcases....They are a MUST find when I'm out & about....Oh & without a doubt....Your rose painting on the shelf with the jug & sterilising unit (?) is HEART WRENCHINGLY DIVINE....It looks like a SUPERB rendition....I MUST show you my roses one day....Alas....I DON'T have them on my wall....They live in a cupboard because I'm WAITING for MY California Bungalow....Waiting....waiting....waiting....

    Have a WONDERFUL week....!!

    Cheers from Melbourne,
    Tamarah :o)

  34. Your house is just lovely-ness! I just came upon your site today, and I have really enjoyed looking at the photo's :) Your house is filled with such vintage treasures. My Favourite is your pantry, I wish I had a pantry like yours, filled with such wonderful vintage things!

  35. Oh how I love your house :) ...sooooo unique and sooooo lovely!

  36. Love everything in your house. Thanks for commenting on my blog and leading me here!

  37. A girl after my own heart....color fires my in builder beige is almost torture...just wait until I own again and get that paint flowing.....thanks for visiting my blog and your awesome compliments!! I'm a new follower here!

  38. Your house is amazing!!! love it!I'm new follower.
    thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming one of my newest follower!

  39. Wow! Don't think I've ever seen so many collections in one place. Your house is so interesting with so much eye candy. Love, love the amazing leaded glass window! I'm swooning over it and am happily becoming a follower!

  40. I forgot to ask, who is going to live in the red polka-dot trailer? It's too cute!

  41. I love your coach and your pillows. You have a beautiful shade of red all on your walls. I love that shade of red. I was wondering if there was a name for that type of red.