A White Cane Chest of Drawers and A Sewing Table.

Hello Picket Fence Friends, Wow what a fabulous weekend and here we are hopping into Tuesday already :)
A few weeks ago I picked up some Garage sale treasure. One of the highlights of my week is the Saturday morning thrill of a garage sale. I'm in a fairly full house at the best of times, years of collecting and a family of six has resulted in a house packed to the rafters so these days I work in terms of hunting for things based on need, or purchasing with a promise to myself that in bringing home the said item I will part with something else .
I've been hunting a chest of drawers for a little while now, Miss Teen Picket Fence needs no encouragement to leave her clothes scattered across her floor, she's perfected same, she has a lovely big cupboard, however her very flimsy chest of drawers gave up a drawer around a month ago, and the "floordrobe" has never looked finer ;)
When I spied this mission brown cane set of drawers, I knew I'd hit pay dirt, I love cane, and with some paint and different knobs I felt it could look quite lovely, the $10 asking price I paid in a heartbeat, threw it in my van and smiled all the way home. The tray on top is lovely too, it came with 15 kg of copper nails, but I loved the industrial patina, polished up, it will hold crayons and pencils for the Picket Fence children / artists ;)
 After 3 coats of Dulux "Antique White USA" it looked like a different piece and with the addition of some glass knobs from my personal stash I think it takes on quite an elegant shabby air .
 Here's a close up of one of my treasured glass knobs, I squirrel these away, finding them on eBay, and second hand stores, actually, sometimes I buy furniture just for the fittings. With old glass handles, in my eyes, the beauty is in their imperfection, a lot like people, it's their tarnish and patina earned from years of use, that give them value. The easily obtained reproductions just don't swing it for me, I love my vintage xx
 The other exciting part of my week was the purchase of a sewing machine, Mr Picket Fence came home with our newest addition. Obviously my years of not so subtle hinting had not been in vain, and with a generous sale at a local store we had a deal. Happy wife, brownie points for Mr Picket Fence and little girls eager to learn how to sew, we were all happy.
 The story continues as alas, again I needed somewhere to put it. I dragged out an old table stored under the house, it had a pretty blue laminate top but it's charm ended there, ugly stained pine legs left it looking a little tragic, but on the upside it was a good size and sturdy ....
 Again,out came the paint and the perfect spot for a decal I'd lashed out on, (I know it's too far to the left) I fixed it after I took the picture :) forgive me .
 Here's a closer look at the decal , made by Mae they are fabric ,reusable and oh so sweet xx
 I have a room in the house which was serving as our "chuck it" room  basically anything which didn't fit anywhere else ended up in here, along with (lol) dusty exercise bikes, and future eBay items, piles of fabric and clothes to be sent to charity, think messy room of shame and you'd be close. I'm working on converting this into a sewing room, the desk is a start. I will show you when it's done.
 Feel free to leave a comment, as I love comments and do join me on facebook , the link is also on my side bar :) I  hope you have a wonderful week, doing what you love with people that appreciate you, and thank you for stopping by (your visits make my day) xx
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  1. Aww that little chest of drawers is sooo cute...amazing what a coat of paint and some new crystal knobs can do. I love the decal on the desk too!! Let us know if that cures Miss Teen of being a floordrobe addict....if my Miss teen is anything to go on....it won't hehe

  2. You are an inspiration Ava. I feel the need to garage sale hunt and add my personal touch.

  3. Samantha.....I think the only cure for the floordrobe is a couple of years and a firmly shut door!! Alison...always such lovely comments :) Thankyou xx

  4. What a wonderful make-over on that lovely chest of drawers ~ those sweet glass knobs do indeed add that special touch ~ just beautiful! How wonderful that you now have a new sewing machine ~ and that gorgeous table to sit it on ~ you've worked wonders with a lick of paint! Well done, and thank you for sharing your treasures with us to enjoy too! Love Brenda

  5. Thank-you! What a lovely comment Brenda :)

  6. OOh, love the chest of drawers, and the table looks gorgeous too - amazing what a coat of paint and some bling can do!!
    Have a good one Ava!
    jen xo

  7. Love the little sewing table. You've done a great job on both your finds.

  8. Love the end result, Ava.


  9. What a great job you did they look just gorgeous!

  10. Lovely chest of drawers. Love the white and the knobs are just adorable. Thanks for sharing at BC Good Life Wednesdays.

  11. Hi Ava!
    Just stopping by to say that I would like to pass on a 'Versatile Blogger' Award to you, as although I've only just found you, I know I'm going to enjoy coming back to your blog again and again! Hope you will enjoy sharing the award, but if it's not your cup of tea, I won't be offended!
    Alix x

  12. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment on my blog! I just loved your space! This red-white polka dot combo is just great. Now, am your newest follower...hope you will follow me back:) I'm going to enjoy coming back here ...again and again!:)


  13. Hi Ava, sending a sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm! Thanks so much for stopping by my post about the ricotta dessert we made in Florence - did you get to try it? I'd love to know how it turned out. I'm so happy that you stopped by and that I had the chance to read your recent post - I think that we have a lot in common and I look forward to reading more of your posts. I have a friend in Australia, in Coolangatta. She was a great friend of my son's and has moved to Australia to surf professionally. What a life! Ciao, bella! xxoo

  14. Hello again Dear Ava, I just wanted you to know that I've passed on a "Versatile Blogger" Award to you, as I enjoy your wonderful blog so much! I do understand if you'd rather not accept/participate though, but do want you to know that I really enjoy your lovely blog! Hope you have a great day! Love Brenda

  15. Thanks for visiting my new blog... yours is fab. The heading reminds me of 'Happy loves Rosie'. You have done a fabulous re-do of your furniture items. Delcie

  16. Hello Ava... I came to your blog via Brenda's Vintage Sunday. Have spent the past hour reading (and laughing) as I went back through your past posts. Especially enjoyed the one about the church pew. I get really shirty when I find that an advertised item has been sold before the day, but then console myself by deciding that I didn't really want it anyhow. I enjoyed my visit and will be following, from Bega.

  17. Wow, Girls, Your comments have made my night :D The blogging world is such a lovely and supportive place . So glad to be part of it :) Thankyou xx

  18. Love your sweet chest and those drawer pulls look just perfect! It's a great idea to pick them up as you find them, and figure out a place for them later. They're so pretty!

  19. Nice dresser make-over. I would not have seen the outcome in what you bought. What an improvement over the original color.