Water~Ski Shelves For Our Picket Fence Boy.

A Rainy day at the Picket Fence House meant that I got to pin down Mr Picket Fence and get some job's done.
I'd picked up some sixties water ski's at a garage sale for the neat sum of $2 and had brought them home to the head shaking Mr Picket Fence,we had put them aside because I had no idea what to do with them....( Yes I know.....I'm good like that)  then, some months later  it occurred to me...... they would make grand shelves for our boy, our littlest Picket Fencer was doing without a book shelf in his room and I had a plan.
Imagine the life these lead, many fun times !
Funky stickers
Industrial Vintage.
Patina patina patina......
Some brackets.
Mr Picket Fence measures everything ( he drives me bonkers)  I estimate everything ( I drive him bonkers) That's love xx
 They went up square despite us. I still need another grey bracket...the bottom white one is temporary......It seems ,that in small country town hardware stores, when you want a certain number of things to complete a project, there will always be one less available than what you need.
And this is how they look...
Guess which little boy took all the bears off and used the bottom ski as a launching ramp for his match~box car's.

Oh ..and we had some new arrivals.... I'm dragging out their introduction...it's coming, I promise :)
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The Glass Half Full

 The man in the picture above was my Dad. Yes, the guy leaning on the car with his eyes shut ...my complete coolness was obviously inherited  ;~)
Dad passed away two years ago today. I'm not going to dwell on how horribly I miss him... that's a given and I know he wouldn't want me to dwell on that. I am however, going to say he was totally and completely awesome. He taught me about Monet,  Frances Hodgson Burnett , Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe . He taught me which way to plant a daffodil bulb. He taught me how to start an Austin 1500 by banging the starter motor with a wheel brace. He taught me how to make pikelets and the right way to use a shovel. He taught me that imperfection was often beautiful and that forgiveness was an art. Dad believed in "Only good days and better days" and was a "Glass half full" kind of man . He taught me how to love life and live it with passion and always treat people as if they were behaving the way they ought....even when clearly they weren't. Dad taught me by example that sometimes it's kinder to have people believe wrong about you than have the last word. He taught me how to dream and that at the end of the day , it was what I thought about myself that mattered most and not what other people thought or said about me. So much he taught, but I could fill a book and I wont. Thank you for listening.
On the weekend , I took the youngest Picket Fence Children to a place that reminded me of Dad. He loved Spring and rolling gardens, he loved ducks and Prunus blossom. It was a wordless celebration of him. These are the photo's xx

A cheerful post next week :)

Aubrey and Clementine.

Hello there :) Gorgeous Spring day huh ? Truly inspiring...warm , fragrant and divine.... I love how Spring comes after Winter...someone somewhere surely put some thought into things when planning this world because Spring just floats my boat.
 This little post is about my Hen's on Holiday Caravan ....I know I know ... AGAIN... but it is truly rocking the Picket Fence Family's world and it's too good to not dwell on !
Firstly, I'm sneaking this Cumquat tree in here.... do you think Mr Picket Fence Fancy will notice ? I'm not mean't to be spending money on new plants but I thought a little Cumquat jelly on his toast with his eggs might help my argument. ( And yes it will look pretty, but of course it's not about that is it ?...not half !!!) Wish me luck ;)
Meet Aubrey and Clementine.... and you already know baby Picket Fence  I'm sure xx
 This is Aubrey...Aubrey is named after a 97 year old widow I once knew. Blinded by Macular Degeneration,he had pictures all over his wall of his wife in the most beautiful ballroom dancing gowns. He could describe every sequin on her dress. A romantic name... much :)
 This is Clementine....called Clementine because it is truly a gorgeous name and the Picket Fence Family has no more room for gorgeous new names.... The duck gets it. Lucky duck ;)
 They are cute aren't they :)
 Suitable management for the Hen's on holiday Caravan... Yes.... I think so !!
Hen's moving in on Sunday ...Woot Woot ....I'm just a little excited ;)
And so it goes xx

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