Aubrey and Clementine.

Hello there :) Gorgeous Spring day huh ? Truly inspiring...warm , fragrant and divine.... I love how Spring comes after Winter...someone somewhere surely put some thought into things when planning this world because Spring just floats my boat.
 This little post is about my Hen's on Holiday Caravan ....I know I know ... AGAIN... but it is truly rocking the Picket Fence Family's world and it's too good to not dwell on !
Firstly, I'm sneaking this Cumquat tree in here.... do you think Mr Picket Fence Fancy will notice ? I'm not mean't to be spending money on new plants but I thought a little Cumquat jelly on his toast with his eggs might help my argument. ( And yes it will look pretty, but of course it's not about that is it ?...not half !!!) Wish me luck ;)
Meet Aubrey and Clementine.... and you already know baby Picket Fence  I'm sure xx
 This is Aubrey...Aubrey is named after a 97 year old widow I once knew. Blinded by Macular Degeneration,he had pictures all over his wall of his wife in the most beautiful ballroom dancing gowns. He could describe every sequin on her dress. A romantic name... much :)
 This is Clementine....called Clementine because it is truly a gorgeous name and the Picket Fence Family has no more room for gorgeous new names.... The duck gets it. Lucky duck ;)
 They are cute aren't they :)
 Suitable management for the Hen's on holiday Caravan... Yes.... I think so !!
Hen's moving in on Sunday ...Woot Woot ....I'm just a little excited ;)
And so it goes xx

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  1. They are just the bees knees. I LOVE their names. You Hens on Holiday's will be very lucky ducks.
    x Marnie

  2. Oh they are so cute, I would love some of them if only VCH would agree!!

  3. I wish it was spring here - we've already had some dreadful weather ... and its only autumn!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Aubrey and Clementine are adorable ( I just love the names!). They look pretty happy and content in their new home :)

  5. I LOVE their names and what a fantastic abode they have! M x

  6. Oh wow Ava!!! Your chookpen is looking fantastic!!! I have been having a bit of trouble with my blogfeed lately so missed your last couple of posts but all caught up now ;)! Love the old surfboards, we have tons of them at our place as Hubs and the kids all surf and over the years they progress to new boards all the time... so I am thinking I need to use a few of them around MY garden, they look awesome!! Hope you are well, love your super cute geese too, they look like a couple of storybook characters! I have heard that they make great guard-dogs too!
    Hugs to you!
    Jen xoxo

  7. Aubrey and Clementine are gorgeous. reminds me of the naughty duck in Babe movie. Can't wait to meet 'the girls' when you get them. Jane x

  8. Aubrey and Clementine must be chuffed to bits with their new home! Your signs of Spring make me long for such things here - I don't really mind Autumn, but it would've been nice to have Summer first!

  9. Love the egg in the hands photo and love reading about your new family members.....have fun on Sunday. I remember how excited I was about getting my first chickies. (now we are on to a sheep coincidently on Sunday...thanks to my son)
    Xoxo Jo

  10. Hi! Thanks for following me! I'm also following you now! I must say - what lucky, lucky ducks you guys have!! Look forward to seeing all your future posts, regards, Nadya.

  11. Lucky ducks and great pics! Thanks for adding your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  12. What lovely pictures of Aubrey and Clementine and a super cute one of baby Picket Fence, wishing you a happy Friday ~ x

  13. Oh, they are cute!

    What will they think when they have to share their lovely new home?!?

    And I love your green chair.....

    So simple.

    And charming.

  14. My son's name is Aubrey...after my husbands grandfather. It's not a name I hear very often. Love that you used it for your cute duck! Love Clementine too! So fun!

  15. Oh, Aubrey and Clementine are so cute, and they just look like they belong together. Here in Southern California, there are cool breezes coming in the morning, and Fall is right around the corner. Happy Sunday.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  16. Love your geese and your hen to be's holiday house. What lucky animals! Love Linda x