Hen's On Holiday Update. My Polka Dot Caravan.

Greetings all, A quick fly by today as I wanted to update you on our "Hen's On Holiday" Caravan. We've been working madly away completing our dream hen house as our chooks are arriving in two weeks ! A lot more to go but here is a taste. I will do a full show and tell in a fortnight...can't wait !!

What's a coastal hen house without surfboards ?  " Hang Six" ; ) Thanks to my friends at DSC Surf Shop for providing some used up old boards for my girls. I might add that the boards they sell are brand new and super awesome !!
 I spent what seemed like an eternity holding up chicken wire and passing "C" clips to Mr Picket Fence to make this enclosure...worth it ? Yes :) Climbing roses have been planted to grace same.
The Liquid Amber is about fifty years old. It's huge, beautiful and will provide great shade from the Australian sun. We will be putting in a duck bath in the shade of this tree.
Under this awning will be the feed bins.
Yes , my clever chooks can read ;) The Picket Fence kids put this sign here.
 Taylor the Wonder Dog wishing he could live in there too... ( That's him licking his nose ! Never one to miss a photo opportunity)
 This is the bunting that's going up around the yard.....unneccesary but gorgeousxx
These aren't my girls but they are good photos to show what we are getting .. Isa Browns and a couple of Indian Runner Ducks. Two Weeks Friends !! Excited Much :)
Would love your input...comments welcome :)

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  1. how adorable! i have never seen anything like it. they are going to love it. do you have fun neighbours?

  2. I want to live there!!! They are going to be the most spoilt birds ever. It's all looking absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see them in their new home. Have a fab week! Oh almost forgot - I adore your bunting!!!

  3. I swear that henhouse looks bigger than my house.......and somewhat tidier, lol......fantastic and I love the bunting.

  4. HOW CUTE & awesome...

    I think i may come back in the "afterlife" as one of your chooks!!

    this must be just such an exciting venture...

    xx andrea

  5. That is one 'cool' looking hen house..they will be living the 'good life' by the looks of it.
    I love the bunting!! :)
    I saw some Indian Runner ducks here a little while back at a farm I visited, they were so cute..just love how they run around.

  6. Oh my goodness...that has to be THE best chock coop I have ever laid eyes on. Talk about living the good life :)
    I would love an old caravan like that to use as a studio...one can dream.

  7. Almost nothing better than red with white dots......they are very lucky chickens and that photo of the ducks is gorgeous. You will love having chickens....we certainly do......a new follower now xoxo Jo

  8. WOW, too cute for words, can't wait to see it with the chickens inside! Loving the caravan idea.

  9. Can't wait to see the chickens/hens.I have been reading through your blog.I think you have worked wonders with the dresser.it looks great.Very impressed with your veggie patch.We have a little raised bed but it is amazing what you can grow in a small area and the satisfaction of going picking your own produce is wonderful

  10. Those chooks will be the luckiest cooks alive! Hope they give you lots of eggs!

  11. Roses, bunting and surfboards!

    You will have some very lucky feathered friends!

    Can't wait to see them in their new home and hope that they make good use of the exit sign...


  12. Those are cool pictures. My son would enjoy those surf boards. I can't believe how expensive they are - even the used ones. I have always loved polka dot.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  13. Those chooks are so lucky! Their new home looks great. Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  14. That is such an excellent hen house you have there! Can't wait to see the duck bath and the update with your hens happily at home. gxo

  15. I love it!!! You will have very happy hens in their new home!!! I think the polka dots and surfboards are marvelous and I can't wait to see your flock living there!! :)

  16. I think it's wonderful I wish I could have some hens and would love some ducks for sure..I love ducks..my grandma had ducks up North and I remember they used to follow us around the yard in back and we always had to make sure they weren't following us out the swingin gate..

  17. Um... can I move in! That is the most incredible hen house EVER!!

  18. THAT is one of the cutest things I have ever seen! I LOVE it :))) I am so glad I found your blog!