An Australian Beach In Winter / How To Find A Tradesman .

Here at the Picket Fence house, there's meant to be a whole lot happening home improvement wise.
Solar Panels on the roof, a new (old) front door, a vege garden, and a chook pen.
 Over the years we have learnt that this place we live in is special. It's a coastal community, relaxed in it's lifestyle, balmy in climate, and with a surf culture like no other. At the beach  you can find at any given day (when the surfs up ), your builder, plumber, glazier, dentist and perhaps now and then the milk's an enviable lifestyle, however....
 That can sometimes mean that it takes a little bit longer to get a door put in, or your house wired, and a dentists appointment may mean a 4 week summer.....
One learns to be patient.
  But then, of late, with the temperature reaching around 17 degrees in winter, I can't imagine any place I'd rather live.
 This will be me one day ;)
 It's always this good.. and sometimes even better .....
 Hoping you are all having a gorgeous July holiday... a short post today, because I'm trying to find a tradesman :)
Could take a while for that blog post about my new door :)

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  1. Hello Ava:
    What an idyllic looking spot in which to live - and never are there waves to be had like that off the coast of Great Britain. And as for landlocked Hungary, well....!

    But, we do have a ready supply of plumbers, carpenters and electricians. As for painters and decorators, look no further!

  2. Oh your wonderful photos make me miss a Southern hemisphere winter. Which is often better than an English summer. :)

    Great stuff - especially love that piccie of the grassy sand.

  3. My Mrs is so envious ... he lived in Oz for a couple of years and would move back tomorrow! M x

  4. Ha, that should have said my MR !!

  5. looks like you're having fun finding a tradesman any way. such gorgeous photos and i love where you live!
    cheryl x

  6. great photos!
    love the sandy bottom!
    tradesman can be difficult even when you don't live so close to the beach, but that may be our relaxed north coast lifestyle too!

  7. Hi Ava..Great beach pics! I live in a lovely place too with warmish winter temps..I think I've acclimatised now though after being here for seven years and it feels colder this year??

  8. Hi Ava

    I am surprised the beach is not more crowded with women looking at those handsome surfers! I cannot say I blame those fellows for enjoying life.
    Great post and have a wonderful week

  9. Yep Ava we do live in the best coastal town. You take such nice photos I am still playing with my camera and must say I am getting better :) see you soon

  10. oh Ava, I am green with envy! What a wonderful place to call home...
    I understand your frustrations with finding tradesmen, we do not live near the beach (sigh) but it's still almost impossible to find a good one! (or even a bad one for that matter...)

  11. What beautiful shots! I love the beach, and you are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous setting!

  12. I'd be patient happily -I understand!! I prefer a slow life style.

  13. Hi Again Ava! Thanks for following..I'm a big fan of your style too! (and am already your follower).

  14. oh wow. I am so jealous, even of a sandy butt! which is a fantastic photo!! Can I pin it on Pinterest? love it. lovely photos!!

  15. Lovely shots! Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  16. Oh Ava....Wanna swap....Melbourne weather is driving me NUTS at the moment & I'd LOVE to go to sleep with the sound of the surf nearby....**sigh**....!!

    Hope you're having a WONDERFUL week & manage to find your Tradie....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  17. Absolute bliss! These photos are makeing me feel homesick for some reason.

  18. Hi Ava.. just found your blog via Meme Rose's Blog... It made me laugh to see the complete opposites in our photos... me sitting in a leaky old barn freezing and watching the pouring rain trickle down the windows... you sitting on a warm beach watching a surfer! Both have lots of water.. I want to swap! Lovely blog Ava... new follower for you here :)x

  19. What beautiful photos! (Lovely to meet you by the way)

    Kate x

  20. I am fortunate that you stumbled onto my blog! I am following no one from your part of the count me in as a follower.

    I had to smile at your "that will be me some day" I am already there!! It happened, it seems, overnight!

    Your photo's are wonderful and that last one was adorable. Is there anything cuter than a sandy little butt? I think not!!
    Mona :)

  21. Hello Ava,

    I came across your fab blog and wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading through it and looking at all of your lovely collections, most coveted! I am fairly new to the idea of blogging but I'm sure I will get the hang of it soon. I look forward to visiting your blog again ~ sunny smiles ~ Haizi x

  22. Such fabulous waves! Hope you can find a tradesman soon.
    Thank you for your recent visit to my blog, all the way from Australia - wow!
    - Susan

  23. Stunning photos Ava! You have a beautiful site and I can't wait to read more. When you have a moment I would love it if you stopped by my family's blog.

    Take care,

  24. My sister lived in Australia for a few years. When she moved back to the USA, I picked her up at the airport. She was so deeply tanned from being on your beautiful beaches that I walked right past her, not even recognizing her!
    Your photos are great! Any chance of crochet posts?

  25. Hello,
    I visited your blog today. I finally met another surfer fan! My husband and son surf all along the beaches in California...although I heard Australia is an awesome place to surf. I LOVE your rose Header, and if you come visit me, you'll know why. Your pictures are so lovely - colorful, and full of life! Me and my daughters just started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would really enjoy coming back to visit with you and seeing all your bright, wonderful photos. Hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  26. Ava,
    Thank you for following us.
    I came back to follow you, but I usually follow on google, so I will have Jess look at it and work with me on it, and keep trying.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  27. Very wonderful photos.
    I like the natura in Australia.

    hugs Conny