A morning at the beach !

  Well hello all :) Its school holiday time around here and for this Picket Fence family ,that generally means long lazy days in the garden, afternoons with good books, good food and or good company, kid friendly crafty activities and mornings at the beach .

 I was going to blog about something quite different today  ( a cupboard I'm painting up to look quite old and worn) but Ive been a little too relaxed and its not quite done yet ( no-where near it in fact ) too many of the above good things have meant a delayed project end. So instead , I thought Id take you to the beach . Yes that's right , grab your towel, slap on a hat and join me. The weathers been fabulous.

 O.k, you need to know I have a thing for bridges, I love the timber, the bolts, the worn  paint. Call me restless but I love the thought that a bridge is always going somewhere :) This is one of my favourites xx

 The water around about now is a balmy 20 degrees, just about right for this little black duck and the waves are...exhilarating . I'm learning how to photograph them, It's such unpleasant  and difficult work ;) 
 Watching waves crash and tumble, sparkling as they draw back is a reminder of renewing spirit.  A wave is a lesson in  determination. A lesson to which its worth paying attention.
 Wonder what this chappies thinking ? About his fishing, about the weather, about mermaids ?.....the girls want to swim out and ask ....another day , perhaps  ;)

 While Miss Teen Picket Fence is still in bed, dreaming her secrets into her ipod, my two middle Picket Fencers believe, that,  you can tell your secrets to the sea and it will never ever tell a soul, I like that a lot ,wisdom in youth xx

Baby Picket Fence believes seagulls were born to be chased and does so with gusto. After all a seagull once stole his sandwich. However he forgets to stop, and  usually this ends with boy chasing gull and mummy chasing boy, loads of fun ;)

The coast is ours for now, sand castles arise from the ground, shells are collected and placed by small hands just so. Dreams are dreamed and stories about dragons and princesses are told. Magic. (I think I had the most fun here)

 So ,if you do take a stroll by the sea, look carefully, you may see two little girls whispering to the ocean and a small boy chasing gulls with a mummy flying not so elegantly  behind,  (snapping photo's) having the time of their lives ! ( the cupboard can wait until next week )

            Hope to see you then with some before and after painted furniture photographs  !
                                                                              Love Ava                              


  1. Oh Ava, I'm loving your blog. The way you write makes me feel welcome in your beautiful world thankyou !

  2. What a lovely comment! Thanks Rachel :)