Tick Tock

I woke up this morning not knowing what time it was. The clock on my wall said one time but here in Eastern Australia , today, it's actually another. That's right it's the end of  day light savings. For those of you not in the loop , we run around like chooks with our heads cut off, winding our clocks forwards an hour in Spring and backwards an hour in Autumn, so we can fit more things into the daylight hours of our  day to day lives, more work for some, more festivities for others ..really just more things :) Confuses the daylights (excuse the pun) out of me without fail....I'm the one who always has to ask someone else which way we're turning ;)

For a girl like me who likes the silence and workspace of 3am, day light savings means not much more than a whole lot of clock changing , however at this time I can never remember whether we're going back an hour , or forward an hour, I usually wait for the man on the news to tell me, and then I can be sure.
This year, however,I woke and had a plan. For the first time I knew how to establish what time it was ! Sigh ,I love my iPhone , these clever little things change themselves! God love apple ;) I woke up with a confident bounce because it was official , my iPhone said  I could eat my cornflakes  today knowing it was 7 am  and not a minute later or  earlier .

This made me look honestly at my other clocks, clutter, maintenance thieves, dust collectors , time consuming trifles that need oiling and winding and sometimes more than  a little positive reinforcement to keep them ticking. Many are a little fast, some a little slow, too many a little hesitant, and some tick away way far too loud , most will never ever tell you the true time.  I could go completely minimalist and know with absolute certainty its 7 am and cornflake time. I could rely on my very clever iPhone to tell me the time from this day forward. I would never have to dust, wind, oil , or pull a weighted chain again.

But then, I confess, I love the tick of an old clock , the striking gong of a German oak wall clock....Westminster chimes make my heart lift, always , and then there's cuckoo clocks ( a girl can never have too many, I admit I own 3) Mad as it may seem, I like my life to, well, tick. It feels comfortable, makes my house feel like a home, its another layer, and I do love layers .

  Anyway friends, enjoy your day, and what ever your doing, do it with passion. Drop me a line , I'd love to hear what you're up to ! I know what I'm getting up to today,  some winding, oiling, pendulum swinging good times ahead for this Picket Fence mum. Time flies xx Better get started !
                                                                           Lovely to see you again .
                                                                                      xx Ava


  1. Thanks Alicia :) We love layers <3

  2. Love those cute clocks! Spring forward, fall back - it helps me to know which way to go when the clocks change, should you (heaven forbid) misplace your iphone.

  3. Oh my goodness Pep, I had to change my post :) Even now I had it back to front ! Obviously I needed this phrase. Thankyou xx

  4. LOL, that is a lot of clocks. I think the ticking would keep me up if most of them work.