Why blog ?

It's been a big week in the Picket Fence house. Lots of appointments here and there, lots of driving to those appointments here and there ,lots of sitting ,waiting ,sighing and thumbing through year old women's weekly magazines,waiting for appointments here and there.... School assemblies and domestic duties took the front stage and a couple of birthdays flew into visit :) Phew, makes me want to sit out the back with a glass of something dry and sweet and play cloud dreaming for a while !
That aside, I've been doing some thinking :) Not mummy thinking , you know, appointments, school uniforms, assemblies, birthday kind of thinking; But really thinking; the introspective kind of thinking, that sits waiting for a busy mummy to find a quiet moment and really think about the stuff that makes her tick. Bare with me here ;)

Recently a certain girl went out out bought herself a very flash camera from sunny Hong Kong , hesitantly typed out a blog post and  knowing virtually nothing about photography and even less about blog land , sat there with heart pounding feeling very exposed but ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. A first blog post meant a whole lot to this certain girl, it was a goal achieved, a journey commenced!
 I love to ramble, to contemplate, to relish my life and loves, photographing them and writing about them in the form of a blog ,hopefully ,gives me some parameters in which to do this.  The essence of blog writing is about refining what you love, photographing your glass half full rather than half empty and singing your song with gusto. Its about looking at who you are and then going ,Yep my world is awesome and totally worth sharing.

In a world full of necessity, blogging is somewhat unnecessary and yet in other ways essential. It makes you stop, and create something, use that part of your brain which involves your eyes and emotions , its intimate and therefore intrinsically valuable. Its a common mans art :) It makes me happy.

This week,I had someone mentally hold me to a mirror and take stock of my belief system. I walked away realising that these parts of my world , my vintage treasure hunting, my sometimes messy but beautiful child filled home, my seaside walks and now my blog....these are important. This is who I am , its good and I have every right to blow my trumpet.
 So here, as I stagger along learning how to use my beautiful shiny new camera, photographing my tarnished and often shabby treasure, as I describe my chaotic and noisy family of 6 , humour me ,because its a warts and all unique song, a personal journey, a focus on the things that make my heart sing.
Now, time for that glass of something sweet and dry , Ive got an appointment with some children and clouds on my back verandah :)  Its been a Huge week!
                 More now than ever, Thanks for sharing my ride
                                      xx Ava


  1. Such a beautiful post, written from the heart. I have to tell you I wish I didnt have to hold back on my blog, I would love to say so much more. Sadly I had a rather bad internet experience with a group of people a while ago that makes me very very hesitant to write completely from the heart. But I would love to. So perhaps I should say "to hell with them" and open up a bit more, look at it more as a big learning curve of what not to do. Great post :0))
    ps. did you buy that mirror brass bed round from me cause I have three the same!

  2. People can say such awful things :( ...However, when they do, what they say usually reflects their own insecurities and is aimed at their target because they see softness...Any nasty behaviour aimed at you could only have been grounded in jealousy "To hell with them" Your song is enviable Alicia. Sing it loud and strong xx P.s Yes I did buy the round from you and to this day it is still one of my most magical finds :)

  3. Woo hoo anyone can comment now :)

  4. I love this post! I too have started blowing my own trumpet a wee bit..I've begun to really love the TRUE me and all the things that make me shine! I've recently cut my long hair short and don't colour it anymore.. 'cause that's how I like it!! I'm a vegetarian, knitter, aged care community carer. I'm getting fit and have never felt stronger in my life..I have muscles!!!..I'm even training for an 8km fun run to raise money for cancer research!!..I love your blog and good on you for living a dream!!..xox Natalie

  5. Thanks Natalie xx By blowing your trumpet you are giving others the courage to be true to themselves. You are an inspiration!

  6. You know recently on the tv there was a seqment on why, with all our advantages and wonderful lifestyle here in Australia we are probably the LEAST happy we have been in generations. Do you know why I think that is...because so many of us are always chasing the NEXT things we think we need and want and think we need more and more...but..if we just took time to count our blessings...see just what we do have in comparision to so many others we might realise that happiness is being content with what we have...enjoying those we love and taking pleasure in the simple things in life. I am certain that my $5 treasure found in an op shop brings me as much if not more pleasure than someones $500 handbag or big flashy car. My home is filled with second hand treasures and lots of laughter. Ok yes its stressful when theres not enough money at times but you know what ...I have a roof over my head, a warm and cozy place to sleep and more importantly the love and laughter of my family. I am happy just to be. Whoever put that mirror in front of your face did you a favour...because in it I bet you saw the woman you actually wanted to become..and that my friend...is happiness!! xxx

  7. By George , Samantha , I think you've got it <3
    Yes ...the mirror needed to happen and it's a positive xx

  8. I like your thoughts on why you want to blog. You do a very nice job of explaining why someone would want to blog. :)