A Sea-side Fair xx

One of the nicest things about a country town is when they put themselves on show. Country Fairs are a unique Australian experience and the fair in Bermagui  truly stepped up to the mark. After about 20kms of "are we there yet ? " and around 3 arguments over the in car DVD player we arrived  in this beautiful coastal community.

Now we've had months of pouring rain here, not grumbling but despite the blue day I wished I'd worn gumboots :) It was muddy and squishy and oh so humid ,  the ice cream came soft and the fairy floss sticky , it was not going to be a tidy day, but still so much  to see and so much fun to be had .

What's a parade without a pipe band , by golly they do a lovely job and they got hero points from me because they could walk and pipe all while wearing a kilt on a very hot day xx

Followed by my dream car .....

And its matching caravan !

Where would we be without the CWA, these girls were so slick, check out the uniforms , and THEY SANG. We love country women  yes indeedy.

while an Aussie icon deserves a place on her own xx

Surfing Bermi style.

We fed the hungry locals :)

And listened to the top ten...!

Cant be my  blog without an industrial antique...loving the patina xx

A local in taffeta...  the owner was wearing worse ;) but obviously loves her  (hot) dog.

 My Dad would have said he'd wished he hadn't lent this one out .

 We love Designer frocks by superminx! A Fabulous local designer , find her here.

 and Homeless teddies $5 a piece , yes we did take one home :)

Beautiful old local man who makes wooden cars for little ones, we took a car home too by gosh !

We rode rides, dribbled sauce down our fronts, and plodded around gawking at stalls and exhibits and smiled at funny people walking about. It was simply a lovely way to waste some time.
On a final note my mum bought me a surprise gift  , just what every girl needs....... kind of speaks volumes about country fairs without saying much at all. Now off to find somewhere special to put it  ;)
   Thanks for stopping by
                                              xx   Ava


  1. well what home wouldnt be complete without a Wil.e. Coyote succulant plant pot! Lovely day out!!

  2. We will hit Midwest versions of fairs soon enough.