Belated Pancake Gratitude

Last night after a particularly busy day , Miss Picket Fence 6 requested pancakes on rising. " Because it was Pancake Tuesday last week Mum, and we missed it , Please can we please ? You can get up early and when we wake up it will be all done.  " I confess I may have groaned and quite frankly shelved it with the other "not in a month of Sunday" ideas frequently suggested by Miss PF 6 ; after all it was a school day, raining and I was busy right ?
Then I thought about Japan, the nightmare our neighbours are living right in the here and now . People with busy lives ; just like ours, bills, neighbours, persistent children just like ours , houses , businesses,  pets....pancakes just like ours ; and how in a heartbeat, through no fault of their own it was all taken away from them , destroyed.

 I felt guilty, very guilty, and so got up , made a mess, cracked eggs and sizzled pancakes at 5am.

 We sat , the children  delighted , with eyes wide and tummy's  rumbling; Mr Picket Fence in nearly too much of a hurry to eat, mumbling, your going to photograph the dirty dishes too right (wink) ? And we ate pancakes feeling very very safe and very very thankful and very very lucky.

Be grateful for what you have,all you have , right now . What we have is precious, be it pancakes at home or drive through McDonald's , give thanks .

                          Thanks for dropping by xx Ava

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  1. Your a good mom...

    LOL at the 'your going to photo the dirty dishes too' comment.

    Japan's diaster caught my attention also. International attention is short, but the disaster they have face will linger for decades. My church group still goes down to Lousiana every year for mission trips to help fix things from Hurricane Katrina. There are still huge destroyed concrete roads and 'broken areas' in that one city.