Breathing out........

Well Hello! Welcome :)  Excuse the chaos ; we've had a load of rain here, my washings been mounting up and the house would dearly love to be aired, the Picket Fence kids are driving each other crazy and the cats are hiding under the bed...its been getting a little crazy.

I had planned to pack up the family and drive off into the countryside, climb some fences and photograph some of the old sheds I've been eyeing off for years. I mentally packed the picnic basket last night, it was going to be fabulous yes indeed .....but..... the weather did what it does, which is what it wants to do ,and, sometimes like today ,it did what I hadn't planned for and yep you guessed it, it poured rain .

We had a break in the weather at around 1pm so I grabbed the two middle children ( the only willing Picket Fencers ) and we went for a walk in our own back yard. Took some time to breath out.Thought I'd share.

Being a coastal village there is only one way in from the north, go over this bridge and I think you will agree you've found paradise, there's something about old bridges that makes me think South Coast.

This is the break wall , risky for fisherman who try to cross .... I go walking here in the mornings, it's exhilarating and fresh and I think you'll agree , absolutely beautiful . That's Montague Island in the background  ( well worth a visit)

Helps at hand just in case you need it ( really hope you don't !)

One of the buildings I pass always makes me want to buy breakfast , Yes I do believe you can't beat fresh lobster .It's beautiful in its innocence.  Industrial vintage fishing style :)

 Cheap at half the price ;)

I dearly hope they never ever replace this roof, love the signage, the patina on the metal and the view yonder :) It's a piece of local history.

We stopped a while and watched some people charter a boat.A little excited for them as it's such a great place to go fishing. Hope the weather holds out guys xx

And then ,because we couldn't afford to charter a boat ,we went wave watching ( because its fabulous and free!)

At the top of the hill , the girls were getting grumbly so we took a break, they were a lot happier after looking out over this , we may have had some yummy chocolate biscuits from the left behind picnic basket , they went well with the view  .... don't tell though ;)

OK Freak of nature it is....This is Australia rock, nice huh....

We have a large seal colony who entertain the tourists ; I'd love to be a seal, lounge around all day fat and lazy...and have people take my photo!  Anyway they're well fed by local fisherman and not silly, they know that they're onto a good thing :) In actual fact in the scheme of things I think they've got it all sorted ;)

The girls had a paddle, I got wet feet too, we went looking for crabs and then all scooted off home, just in time for afternoon tea ....more chocolate biscuits ;)
 I've promised the girls we will go out again tomorrow, perhaps I can bring that picnic basket, Will let you know !

Be seeing you soon I hope . Huge thanks for dropping by!

                                                   xx Ava


  1. Just loved that tour of your backyard. I do believe we have driven over that bridge at some point!

  2. What beautiful photos. Lucky to have that as a backyard.
    x Marnie {3pickles}

  3. I love watching waves, especially when they are stormy. While I live next to the great lakes, and they have waves, I only get near the ocean about once a decade. Nice tour of where you live, looks wonderful. I have never thought of trying to blog a post about where I live.