Grateful. A Post about Beautiful Things.

It's been a massive few weeks at the Picket Fence House. Spring has well and truly sprung and with it, life has sped up. We've been having a lot of fun in the garden (so fragrant and full of Spring time potential), We have finished a few projects around the house and we have had a mega exciting visitor (More about that later) 
This is my front garden and the arbour Mr Picket Fence welded for me. It has a beautiful climbing rose called La marque growing up it. This year I've planted a Wisteria along side. Looking forward to the show next Spring. Mr Picket Fence told me I couldn't have a Wisteria here as the one I have by the side of the house needs so much maintenance. Lets tell him it self seeded :) I hear they sometimes do that ?
 We have casement windows, I love opening them to let the fragrance of my Roses and the Lilac in the front garden waft in. We are in a coastal area and the roses get black spot. I don't spray because I worry about the chemicals. I hence grow roses with a little black spot... a happy compromise.
This is my Lilac, the first year it has flowered properly. It is a very old variety with a heavenly fragrance. I am going to let it grow rampant. (Like the wisteria !)
 The children's first organic vegetables are ready to be picked :)
And we have a brand new little visitor, called Lucky, living in the kitchen until she is big enough to join the other hen's in the Hen's On Holiday Caravan. We adopted her from a friend, she thinks she's a person not a chicken.
 Mr Picket Fence finally hung My enamel Rowntree's sign in the kitchen. I love him even more today. As you do when husbands do wonderful things, also when they pretend not to notice you planted more Wisteria ;)
 I painted the base of our Oak dining table white. I'm pleased with this, I'm going to cover the seat cushions on the dining room chairs with various cheery oil-cloth fabrics and have mis-matched seating. I'd really like some bench seats here. One day I will make this happen :) I love the communal feeling of a bench seat.
 Token pretty picture, no rhyme or reason just pretty (sorry)
Oh and FINALLY I  painted my circa 1800's front door. I bought this off EBay and it was way too big for the door jamb so I needed to get the hole made bigger. A big job, a worthwhile job.  A job I've been waiting ages to complete. Now my hall is full of light.
This is the back side of.....
My Antique advertising Window. I've finally had it put in. I am so happy with the way it looks and I think Mr Picket Fence is glad there's nothing else stuffed behind his cupboard. I have many things like this squirrelled away. I am indeed the queen of cupboard stuffing :)
Finally, this is even bigger news. The Picket Fence Fancy family had a visit from the amazingly talented photographer Tim Coulson . This guy blows me away. Completely. He photographs Families, Weddings and People in ordinary life. He and his wife Keshia rank highly in my beautiful people list. We will be on Tim's blog early in November. I'll tell you when, but in the mean time check his blog Tim Coulson Photographer Of The People out  and like his Face book page  to be keep updated with his beautiful work. He took the photo of me above ( shock horror you actually can put a face to "Ava")  and this gorgeous shot below of Mr Picket Fence buying a Milkshake for Baby Picket Fence in a local cafe. I'll show you all of the photo's when he does, and you can really meet the Picket Fence Family. Oh and you should definitely have him visit you. That's a given :)
I am so grateful for all of the above things happening. Flowers, chickens ,antique doors and windows. I am grateful for photographers who do beautiful work and who are lovely to be around. I am also very very grateful to my new and old Picket Fence Followers for dropping by. Your gorgeous emails and comments, your love of colour and family, your joy in vintage treasure, and your friendship are so appreciated . If I haven't gotten back to you yet, I will soon. I'm ticking many things off my list this week. Thank-you emails are one of them. Stay tuned  xx

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  1. Just love stepping into the picket fence family even for just a short while. It fills me full of ideas and gives me a sunny outlook!
    keep up the cool news and happens AVA

  2. Gorgeous post Ava....your home looks totally scrumptious..

    I cannot wait to see the chairs you end up upholstering for around the table..
    your children are having an absolutely awesome upbringing..
    reading you blog bring a lovely big smile to my face....(wish my two boys were younger again)!!

    xx andrea

  3. Oh, I love your new door and I always love seeing all your beautiful collections!

  4. Your gardens are superb...happy to have found your site today through Good Life Wednesday at A Beach Cottage.

  5. Hi Ava, what a delightful post! It's nice to see your face too. Are we all a bit shy, afraid of being judged or just protecting our privacy?
    That is one lucky little chicken. Beware though, be really careful when introducing it into the 'Van'. the existing chooks will think they 'rule the roost' quite literally and could give Lucky a hard time, and peck her to bits until they get used to her. Love your house and garden. thanks so much for sharing. Jane x

  6. Your house is soooo beautiful and so are you! M x

  7. The flowers in your garden are just lovely. I love the smell of lilacs, I have been wanting to buy a one for some time now.

    My roses also suffer from black spot, but like you, I don't want to spray them with I just cut off the infected leaves. They say to try and avoid any of the leaves falling onto the I try and do that.

    You have such a stunning house. I love the etched mirror and wow, what a collection of pretty vintage clocks you have!

    Have a lovely week!

  8. Hello Ava, what a lovely post, full of joy and grattitude. Your home and garden are fabulous, and so obviously full of love. The last photo of your little boy is divine, you must be so proud? Your door is wonderful, and it made me smile, as I once bought an old pine door for my kitchen. I didn't realise that they are all different sizes, I had to change it 3 times, and my hubby had a job fitting it, but I did love it so!! Your lilac is gorgeous, it is a favourite of mine, and is on my wish list of trees for my garden. The arbour your husband made is terrific, you are a great team. Lots of love to you. (I'm off to investigate your photographer friend, and look forward to seeing his pics of your little corner of paradise!)Lots of love, Linda x

  9. Always busy Ava, I do love looking at your blogs they do inspire me.

  10. gorgeous yard! amazing lovely house (insert envy), and such a beautiful lady! tell your hubby nice work on the trellis, my husband is a welder....I may have to show him this and prod him to make me one!

  11. your home is amazing! look forward to your family photos..i enjoyed looking at your photographer's site.

  12. More beautiful photos. I kinda feel like I'm part of your PF family everytime I read you posts.
    x Marnie

  13. I discovered your blog this morning and have had a glorious time looking at your pictures and past posts. Everything about your blog is charming and refreshing. I love your home and the beautiful colors you have used. Your front door is gorgeous! I'll be back on a regular basis.

  14. Ava your house looks full of beauty and love, and all the hard work you guys put in together is what a family should be like about their home. New Chick is just adorable and I'm glad you live far away otherwise I'd be over everyday just to stare at your vintage clocks (and ask to take them out and closely inspect them!) You are blessed.

  15. Hello Ava ~ or should I call you Queen of cupboard stuffing ~ I love the way you described yourself, it has such a nice ring to it and of course it's totally understandable that you must fill every nook and cranny with scrumptious things! Well, what can I say, such a lovely post, welcome to Lucky, your children are adorable, I covet the Rowntree sign, which looks perfect, and the cabinet full of vintage clocks makes me want to go out hunting for some right now. Finally, what an inspiration your house and garden is ~ beautiful. Sunday hugs ~ Haizi x

  16. beautiful photos - lots to be grateful for
    love the table :-)

  17. You have such a beautiful home, Ava. Tim must have been drooling when he arrived for the shoot!! x

  18. what an amazing photographer and gorgeous house you have. I'd love some welding done at our place, you must be very grateful for Mr Picket Fence.

  19. Oh WOw. These pictures are fantastic! Such a beautiful garden you have there.x

  20. Gosh, the stained glass window and the interiors are so beautiful. Lucky you having spring now - Winter is pending here, sigh.