The Picket Fence Family Come Out, Tim Coulson Style :)

We met Tim Coulson in the most serendipitous way. I commented on a blog in which his work featured and to that comment he responded. To cut a long story short, I found his work so gorgeous, so unique and so simple in its clarity, we just had to have him come and visit us :)
Now, for those of you who know me,  I'm sure you will agree that I love beautiful things, I love my family and I love my house, I love vintage, old fashioned, honest, character laden chippy pieces. Yes it's true...But.... self love doesn't necessarily slot in easily with this love of "stuff" and photographs of self....well that was just plain SCARY.
I was also acutely aware that my children deserved some family photo's, with me, myself and I included. We had nothing of the sort and I'd made many an excuse to always be behind the camera. Time to address same.
I'd like to pretend I was calm about this, I won't, because, quite frankly... I wasn't.  Prior to Tim's visit, I worried about everything. I tried to lose 30 odd kg and erase the "smile" lines around my eyes. I worried about what to wear and I washed Taylor the Wonder Dog. I emailed Tim and warned him that we were not "cool" enough for him to work with. I was convinced that we would let him down. ( N.b I did not lose weight, or wrinkles, and I did not wear new clothes. Taylor the wonder dog rolled in duck poo an hour before the shoot)
Tim arrived and as soon as he walked in the door, I felt better. He had a gentle professionalism that made you forget he had a camera in his hand. He joined in our morning and really became one of us. He smiled and he talked and he made us feel special. He ate  (burnt) pancakes (and he swallowed them!) The youngest Picket Fence Family members adored him and he was able to work with a self conscious teenager (beautifully) Mr Picket Fence relaxed and  indeed, I forgot to hold my stomach in, smile my "best" smile and do that thing with my face that hides chins. ( and yep after he left , I panicked about that too)
Then, a few days later he sent me a slide show in the mail. I cried. I cried buckets. I cried because he had captured the Picket Fence Family as I see it ( beautiful with minimal editing and no chins !) His photo's arrived a few days later and subsequently the post below is the best explanation as to why the Picket Fence Family love Tim Coulson . Find us on his blog here , he said some "way lovely" things about us and you can check out his other amazing photographs of some very beautiful (and very cool) families.
Follow him on Face book here, this way you can keep up with his latest posts. Oh and  he travels anywhere ( anywhere a plane, car or train will go ) and this includes overseas. Our life is more beautiful because he touched it and I  strongly recommend you invite him into yours, indeed, tell him Ava sent you....
Oh my gosh, I feel like we're "Coming out"
 Tim Coulson style :)



  1. Beautiful photos Ava, I am wanting to do some family shots for Christmas presents for the grandparents etc haven't done any since Ardon Rose was a baby.

  2. What lovely memories to keep and treasure for you and your family. Please tell your teen-aged daughter I think she is absolutely gorgeous x

  3. beautiful! what lovely , interesting snapshots of your family life.
    i too like to be behind the camera.

  4. Dear Ava...

    I can only utter one word...


    (maybe two words..) GORGEOUS....

    okay LOTS OF WORDS...~~~~

    another wonderful POST....with LOTS & LOTS of scrumptioness!~~

    xx andrea

  5. Oh Ava, my eyes are watering! I have laughed and cried looking at this post. Duck poo is hilarious - that's what you get for keeping ducks I suppose, precious as they are. Taylor is just the kind of wonderdog I hope for one day (only if he is secondhand - I really want a secondhand dog). You were so brave and I want to be your friend for life! You are a beautiful family and compliments to Tim on a wonderful 'capture'. hugs all around! Jane x

  6. Just stunning photographs. Keepsakes for the future :) It's always nice to capture moments in our lives, so we can look back on them. You have a lovely (and very happy looking) family :)

  7. They're so beautiful... his work always is, isn't it? Particularly love the ones of you all under the arch of trees. It looks like there's a hundred stories in every picture, your home has such character... love them. gxo

  8. Hi Ava, oh my heart was acheing at the start of this post. I do so relate with what you say. I hate to see photos of myself and usually tear them up. You were brave to do this, but is was sooo worth it. You have a lovely family, a beautiful home, and your garden looks amazing. It is certainly a tribute to the wonderful photograher, that you were able to relax right from the start. Well done you! Love Linda x

  9. Hello Ava ~ what a stunning set of photos, gorgeous family pics to treasure. You all look like your having so much fun, just as it should be ~ I'm loving your son's yellow pyjamas too ~ I want some like that ........! So many things to look at throughout your story. Thank you too for all the lovely comments that you leave on my page, I appreciate each and every one of them. Have a grand weekend ~ Haizi xx

  10. Oh my...every single one of you is gorgeous!! What lovely, lovely photos of you and your family!! What is so beautiful is that you are all captured loving each other in your own places....just stunning!!

  11. What an ace photographer, they must be your favourite family photos, beautiful.

  12. Dear Ava...GORGEOUSNESS personified!!~

    I loved each & every photo & i think (know) you have a gorgeous family/house/lifestyle..

    keep letting us into your beautiful world..

    xx andrea

  13. Absolutely beautiful photos! Enjoyed them so much~


  14. Hello Ava
    I think I would die and go to heaven if Tim came to Tassie - love his work and he has certainly taken some beautiful shots of your family and your house.
    Love the little Hoot jammies - Jack loves his Hoot boardies - I can rarely get him out of them.
    So glad to have found your beautiful world.

  15. Oh My! These are gorgeous, Tim has done you proud! I can certainly relate to your doubts, we have a lovely talented local photographer who I would love to have a session with but I fell the same as you do/did and feel I would mess them up. From your experience I will think again and be brave! Thankyou for sharing your gorgeous family and home - they are truly wonderful xx

  16. Wow, you are lucky to now have this gorgeous collection of photos but also so lucky to live in the stunning place that you do and have all the love in your family that shines through in these pictures!

  17. hello ava
    wonderful photos from your home and family!!!!
    i love it all.

  18. Hello lovely Ava!
    I have been MIA due too so many orders but just popped on to check up on all my lovely ladies... How thrilled I was to see your gorgeous family photos!!! I always scurry to your blog first, as I love peeking through your home with all its amazing goodies (tis like a museum ;)!!) and now it is lovely that I can put some faces to Mr and Mrs Picket fence and the fenceposts!! Love, love, love the job Tim has done on your pics - and love seeing you all in your environment... what a beautiful family you have! And love the giggle and hoot pj's, my grandson looooves G&H and I must try and find him some of those, he will go mad for them!!! Love you all, love your lifestyle and wish I could pop in for a cuppa and a chat (and of course a little snoop around all your goodies!) Have a great weekend and I will go now and see what else I have missed whilst I have been buried under a pile of fabric, fur and bells ;)!
    Hugs to you!
    Jen xoxox

  19. I did the polka dot camper. I could put my 15 year out there and he and others in the family would love it. ;)