Take a Virtual Tour Of Our house . Tim Coulson Style

This is the Picket Fence House. Well a small part of the backside of it .
This photo was taken the day Tim Coulson came and photographed my family. You remember ? The day I worried about absolutely everything and it turned out fine because Tim Coulson is, well, completely awesome. See it here if you missed out ... This guy's talent blows me away.
Well guess what ? Theres more :)
 Tim posted more photo's on his blog this week. If you're not already sick of us then do pop over......You can see them here ! Oh and the photo of the window in the final picture ( Yes the one behind the sink full of dishes) well, we are ripping out that window  this week and putting in a larger one ! (Operation Light filled Kitchen)  I can feel some Picket Fence Chaos ahead !! Cross your fingers that I can find some mummy calm, I do believe I'll be needing it !


  1. Hi Ava, I've just had browsed through Tim's photos of your family. They are so honest and really portray the love and fun your family has. I hope plenty of mummy calm will be yours this week.

  2. Those photo's are just stunning! You house has such a wonderful collection of vintage things. I just adore the duck and the doggie lamps/lights..I have never seen anything like those before.

    I hope the removal of the window all goes smoothly and chaos free :)

  3. So, what I want to know is how you get anything done with so much wonderful around you? I imagine I'd get stuck just staring at all those lovely arrangements that no dishes, laundry...or anything!!...would get done...ever!! :)

    What a treat it is that you shared your home!! It is inspiring and so, so beautiful!! The care and love is obvious and that in itself is most inspiring!! Thank you!! :)