Holiday Haul Picket Fence Style

 Hello there Picket Fence Followers :) After a topsy turvy week blog wise, ( it looked rubbish for 48 hrs ) I'm back with my polka dots on and a fresh post to show you my treasure. For those of you who missed my last post, the Picket Fence Family took some time out, we went on a road trip to Dubbo.It was mainly a trip to catch up with family but of course the lure of those country second hand shops proved too much and I managed to squeeze in some bounty for the Picket Fence home. Remembering that I love a little rust, a little clutter , join me as I confess ;)
The big brown mirrored cupboard door brought eyebrows from Mr Picket Fence. This was our first stop and I think he wished we'd hired a truck :) I made it fit in the car xx
 The sign although not vintage screamed at me from a shop window in Canowindra. Pretty much sums up the Picket Fence ethos and it looks mighty fine here , don't you think ?
Another clock, Click here to understand this must have. I love clocks xx
The Kingswood hardware, I found in a shed full of vintage bits and bots in Molong I thought this might look nice on a piece of furniture, and it reminds me of my Dad.
Mr Picket Fence bought the spinning top.
And I bought the tins. I've been after the clematis tin for ages now, a girl can never have enough tins !
I bought these from an antique shop in Cowra. The larger book is for baby Picket Fence, the smaller books to add to my collection.  
O.K , two shots of the mirror, because I'm hopeless at photographing mirrors :) We bought this in Boorowa, from a shop based in the old town theatre, a lofty elegant old building, faded and grand ,typical of old country towns . I love mirrors, they almost act like a window in an older darker house. This was a win win ( Thank you Mr Picket Fence for seeing the logic xx)

Bath feet.... I am so excited about these, I'm unsure as to how I will use them, but to get a full set is a happy win.
A Fowlers Vacola sterilising unit.... I am going to use this as a planter... needs a delicate flowered plant to highlight the industrial green... Watch this space ;)
O.K now,  I'm acutely aware that some viewers will not "get" my fascination with this old camp stove.... but ....sigh ....that blue...and sigh .... the Bake Queen script. I will use this beauty somewhere.
Oh I love hollow bodied cutlery xx
For the boy.
These kitschy enamel trays are perfect to brighten up a meal. I grab them when ever I find them.
So. There you have it, I've got plenty to play with this week. The Picket Fence children also did quite well. New clothes and toys were bought as we don't often get to see the variety of shops they have in Dubbo. Shopper satisfaction at an all time high we're looking forward to a bright sunny week. Although it's the last month of winter, the weather has been kind. Hoping you're week is wonderful also.  Thanks for reading , I'd love your feedback and as always welcome new followers , so don't be shy, join in :)
 See you soon !

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  1. Hello Ava:
    Oh, would that we could have been on this trip with you although we should, in all probability, have had to fight you for all of your purchases. Such wonderful items and we love them all. How could anyone not? The spinning top which your husband found is so like one we had years ago. What ever happened to it, and other goodly things too? As for the camp stove, well if you tire of it, then let us know!!

    Have a wonderful week placing all your new found treasure. Thank you so much for the comment left on our recent post and to which we have replied. We shall very much hope to meet up again!

  2. Hi Ava... Sounds like you had a most enjoyable trip (just my style I love to stop and shop vintage at every opportunity) and WOW! what great finds.
    Did the Picket Fence Children enjoy being shipped home by bus LOL.
    Hugs Alveen

  3. Oh all just got lovelier and lovelier!
    If I were to comment on each piece of gorgeousness you found on your holiday I'd be typing all night! I can't even choose a might be the Bake Queen...x

    p.s. I use my bath feet as door stoppers x

  4. Another wonderful post. I must visit again just to look through your house at your new wonders

  5. My feedback?
    Well wow will start it I love all you got .I understand your clock thing as I am the same.
    I have a teapot similar to yours with no lid and I like how you have added cutlery.
    I dream of finding yummies like that at once.Yes I really dream it.I think its what all us treasure hunters do tho Dont they?

  6. Such incredible finds. The spinning top brought back fond memories and, like you, I love the claw feet from the bath and the fun will be deciding how to re-use.
    Helen xx

  7. Oh my goodness Ava - you find the absolute best stuff, I sooo want to go shopping with you!!! I love the spinning top, and the cutlery ...and the mirror is absolutely divine! I too love mirrors and same as you see them as a way to open up a room like a window! I have a very small 'cottage' style home but at least two mirrors in each room! And they are hard to photograph aren't they?.. wonder why that is..

    Anyway, thanks for sharing these beautiful photos - I was showing my hubs your amazing house the other day and he loved it!! Specially the chook pen! ..he did wonder though how long it takes you to do the dusting lol!!! ahh, men!
    Hugs to you!
    jen xoxo

  8. What great finds..I love it all! I really like your idea of turning the Fowlers Vacola sterilising unit, into a planter :) The vintage mirror is so sweet. I also like the idea, of keeping cutlery in a teapot! You sure have an eye for lovely things :)

  9. What lovely things!! It's fun to watch someone else shop like I do!! :) My finds are varied and eclectic, too, but I love every one of them!! I do especially love the Clematis tin and the cutlery!!! I'm a new follower and it's fun to find a girl after my own heart!!!

  10. What a great haul, well done!
    I would love to go on a country road trip to nab some great pieces!

  11. Hello Ava, just popped over to take a look at you. Your blog is lovely and your vintage finds, fantastic! I scrooled through some of your previous posts, the photos of the surf are amazing. Thankyou so much for following me, I have returned the compliment. Have a great week, love Linda

  12. What an AMAZING haul of vintage googness. Love every single thing!

  13. Ha, always proof read first ... googness should have read goodness of course!!

  14. Can I come along next trip????

    LOVE the clock and the silverware!!!

    Awesome finds..............

  15. Fabulous finds, of course I love all of them, especially the stove!

  16. Wow, great treasures... love the mirror especially. We always had bath feet scattered about the house as door stops when I was a kid. gxo

  17. Ah Mrs PFF, you've done it again...made me drool over your beautiful finds and gorgeous photos. I'm not sure what I love the most,the book for boys, the blue oven (I dig that colour too) or the tinkling reflections on your chandeliers.
    x Marnie

  18. Hello there Ava....!

    THANKS so much for stopping by Love....!!!

    CRIKEY I WISH I'd been on your road trip....There may have been ELBOWS though....hahahahaha....I LOVED each of your Treasures but if I had to pick a FAVE it would be the little clock....I too HEART these....A LOT.... :o) !!!!!

    I noticed a little tin in the background in your 12th pic....The one with the camp stove (which I ADORED by the way)....Anyway....I have the EXACT same tin....I lusted after it so bad when I saw it in Rachel Ashwells book.....Mind you....I lusted after ALL of the tins....Slowly but surely they came to me....hahahahaha....!

    I hope you're having a FAB week....!!!

    Cheers from Melbourne,
    Tamarah :o)

  19. You found some great finds! Love the sign, really nice. Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  20. Hi Ava, it's a pleasure to meet you and I thank you for visting me, leaving a comment and becoming a follower of my blog. I found your recent post so interesting with all the goodies you got shopping. I scrolled down and also enjoyed your other posts. You live in a lovely part of the world - love the beaches! Thanks again and blessings for a great day and rest of the week ahead. Pamela

  21. What an amazing buying trip you had! You must have been very happy at the end of it. Your treasures are fabulous!!!

  22. Wow, Ava, you have SUCH a great eye. I love many of your haul (I kinda get the camp stove... kinda). x

  23. Ava, what a wonderful blog and I love your post. Great photos, too! Just wanted to share that my daughter-in-law, Erin, is from Forbes, NSW. She and my son live in Grand Haven, MI and just had their first baby. They are all going back to Australia for a long visit in Dec.

  24. Love your blog ava, some adorable stuff love your old stuff,cute the leadlight windows adorable

  25. Great post and photos Ava. Looks like you had a great family trip. I always scope out old books everywhere I go!
    xo Susan

  26. Hey, thanks for stopping by and following. Your blog is so lovely. I love your photos and hope to one day get nice photos on my own blog, hence the "Crapshoot" project.

  27. I love that mirrored door! The windows are amazing too.

  28. Ava I have just read through a few of your posts and LOVE your blog!!
    Love everything in this haul and oh so get the camp stove :)
    Off to read more.

  29. What wonderful finds! I believe we might be kindred spirits. I love your treasures, and your decision to live a happy life. :)

  30. Ava, thank you so much for sharing one of your photographs with me. I'll drool over it regularly!!