A Photo A Day Challenge Week 2

Here comes the second instalment of my version of the photo journal challenge thought up and blogged about by blog queen Fat Mum Slim.  For my first seven days look here and  you should definitely check out  Chantelle's  blog  Fat Mum Slim (always cheery  and current.) Everybody seems to be following. She has after all got millions of people photo journalling January and loving it.
Day 8 " Your Sky" 
Yes Indeed .. on cue for day 8 ...it poured rain  :)
Day 9
Daily Routine  " Trying to simplify"
Day 10 "Childhood"
Day 11 "Where you sleep"
Looking forward to painting these walls white ( School holidays have held me back a little in this department)
 Day 12 " Close up"
My breakfast plate
Day 13 "In your bag"
Confessions of an asthmatic ;)
Day 14 "Something you're reading" 
 ( again and again, I love this book )
So there you have it, another week of iPhone photos, a different result to those shot on DSLR but perhaps more engaging, they remind me of the raw honest shots of a Polaroid camera. This is us with no frills. I'm looking forward to week 3 and hope you will come back and see. Have you joined in yet ? If not , then why not either catch up or just do the rest of January ?...It's worth it xx


  1. Hi Ava, What a great challenge, love the photos.

  2. fabulous! I am still a few behind but am trying to catch up. you are right I do love the raw honesty of instagram shots

  3. Great photo's..I like the effect on them (like you said, more like a polaroid type feeling to them). What a lovely close-up on the floral plate. Is that a collection of Enid Blyton Books you have in your room :)
    Thanks for letting me know about this challenge, I have had a fun time taking part so far..

  4. Lovely photos Ava and well done keeping up with the Challenge. I was tempted but I think I have enough going on in my life right now. Looking forward to your next batch of photos.

  5. I adore your little glimpses of life...from your sweet little windows to your polka dot wallets...Have a great week...Renee

  6. I wish I had done the challenge your photos look great!

  7. Love the effect you use by blurring the outer part of some of your photos. What are you going to do with all your images? Journal them? And also - my mouth actually started watering when I saw the bowl of tomatoes below! Hope you are well!

  8. I love all your beautiful photos a day - and lovely to see some glimpses of your pretty home as a new visitor :)

  9. I love the childhood photo. You have been taking some unique and wonderful photos.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  10. It is always so neat to see everyone's different take on the photo challenges. I haven't done one, but may try it this summer.