Week 3 Photo A Day Challenge

 Week 3 of The Photo A Day Challenge ! Oh my heavens... aren't the holidays flying by !
Day 15 "Happiness"
 is moving closer to self sufficiency.
Day 16 "Morning" 
This photo makes my heart beat harder . I realise how short this period of my life is, and  I relish every single moment.
 Day 17 "Water"
 Day 18 "Something I bought"
Check out Down that Little Lane to buy these....
Day 19 "Sweet"
I bought this from the Divine Lisa Madigan...and guess what I met her in person the other day . She is the sweetest girl and her paintings are exquisite. Talented Talented Talented. ( With a capital T)
Day 20 "Someone I love"
Missing Mr Picket Fence and Miss Teen Picket Fence in this photo... but, you get my drift.
Day 21 "Reflection"
I apologise for the fly by post today....it seems my life is running on a fast motor this January...Sending you much love, and joyful days ..I'll catch up next week ( Maybe !! )


  1. Ava beautiful as ever...that morning photo is worth a thousand words...best to you this week...smiles...Renee

  2. Hi Ava, lovely pics, especially the sleeping baby. Your garden is looking great! Have a fun week, love Linda x

  3. The pictures are lovely Ava ~ lovely moments captured forever ~ have a fab day, Haizi x

  4. such gorgeous pics - what a great idea, "photo a day challenge"...xxx