February Photo a Day Done and Dusted

This is it people. The last of my February  iPhone "photo a day" photo journal. Phew I must admit I found a few of these challenging......It's funny how sometimes, it's the little things that bring you unstuck.
Day 20 "Handwriting"
My Grandma's Coconut Ice recipe in her own handwriting (So much nicer than my own) She would make vast quantities of Coconut Ice every Christmas holidays. I associate this treat with her. Completely.
Day 21 " A Fave photo of you"
This was taken about 10 years ago. Special to me for so many reasons. Amongst other people , you can see my  grandparents and father in this photo, they have since passed away and I miss them dearly. That's me in the white shirt clutching the photo shy child. My twin brother is next to me and my younger brother is the only sensible person it seems, in a hat.  Lesson here.... appreciate family while you have it. Hey brothers...if you're by chance reading this. I appreciate you.......BIG TIME.
Day 22 " Where you work"
I like to keep work and home/blog separate hence the lack of detail...its about life balance :)
Day 23 "Shoes"
Not Stilettos (Ever)
Day 24 " Inside my bathroom cabinet" 
I have a higgledy piggledy selection of collected bathroom cabinets as our built in one is kind of ugly. This is the inside door of one of my favourites. it holds toothpaste and soap and stuff :)
Day 25 "Green"
Day 26 " Night'
Day 27 "Something I ate"
Day 28 " Money" 
I found this one tricky.
Day 29 "Something you're listening to"
Miss Picket Fence read in the morning. It's a ritual :)
Short and sweet.
 I can't quite fathom how quickly this year is flying by. Are you sick of the "photo a day"  instalments ?  I hope not :) They keep me humming along...so I'm doing March too xx


  1. Wow, you are good! I have just posted a couple of March pictures and still haven't even finished my Feb pictures! I will try and finish them now I have seen these.

    Love the handwriting shot. That script is perfection!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha In Oz

  2. Ava, I have decided your home is like a bed and breakfast I want to come to and stay. The place there are no shoes required. Just a home away from home. Love your shots...smiles...Renee

  3. Your grandma's handwriting is just lovely..I wish I had lovely handwriting like that. I have never tried coconut ice before, sounds good though :)
    I love the rose fabric inside your bathroom cabinet and your collection of green glass, so pretty.
    I enjoy looking at your photo a day instalments..you take such creative photo's :)

  4. I really like your photo a day posts!! You have inspired me to think about doing it, too!! I've not quite mustered up the courage..I'm glad you are doing March!!

    The picture of your little Miss Picket Fence reading is so sweet!! I miss my kiddos little voices now that they are teens!! :)

  5. Love your grandmother's written recipe. I have a recipe book my husbands Aunt wrote for me, it's nice to have since she passed away.

  6. I have a pile of my grandparents recipes (including an ice cream one my grandfather used to make when they owned a corner store in the early 20th century) that I need to sort through and publish for my cousins- one day!