An Industrial Chalkboard and Some Lists

I am a list person... I write copious lists and cross stuff off. It makes me feel ordered. This week, I'm getting virtual. I'm using my iPhone "calendar" and the "notes" section to try and organise my world. This could eradicate my diary and my notebook.....maybe, if things go well I might even look at getting an iPad (I know , but a girl can dream.... )
I love diaries and notebooks , pieces of paper and journals. I especially love chalkboards. Bare with me... I'm heading somewhere.....
This mirror was an op shop bargain with issues. It was a bit too foxy but it had a lovely oak frame and I  thought I might be able to fix it. I didn't fix it. It hung around looking foxy for quite a while. A long while actually. Just being...well.... foxy.
As I said "issues"
                                In walks the hero "chalkboard paint" I seriously love this stuff
                                            One Coat
                                                    Two Coats
Bam. A lovely industrial style chalkboard for lists, family inspiration and gorgeous giddy scribble. And , just quietly .... I think it looks kind of foxy :)
Are you a list person ? Are you more ordered than me ? What do you use ? Any suggestions ? I'd love to hear xx
Oh BTW .....I got a new second hand lens this week. It's a tilt shift lens and I haves much  to learn. This is Master Picket Fence doing his own version of a tilt shift portrait....yep......we've got it sorted ;)



  1. Great chalkboard - I never would have thought you could paint the mirror! Definitely foxy!

  2. Sadly, I am a list person. Why must I cross things off to feel accomplished? Love that mirror and the scrumptious basket full of fluff next to it. Best of all kiddos will love it. We have a very large chalk board in our basement that all the kids love to doodle on and one in the laundry room to leave notes to one another on. I believe that little picket fence fancies this one just as much...smiles...Renee

  3. Brilliant idea and one that I may have to pinch! M x

  4. You are SO clever - looks foxy and way cool! I gave up trying to get organized a long time ago! I still write a LOT of lists but they are mostly 'want to do's not 'should do's! Still wish I had an ipad though, that would just be awesome!

  5. Hi Ava, not sure what is going on but I am only seeing a title and the comments and nothing else!

    1. Thanks Deanne....I think Blogger ate it :( I had to rewrite it...wonky font and all . I hope all returns to normal soon !!

  6. what a clever idea, turning the old mirror into a chalkboard, I am loving it! I am a list person as well..nothing like the feeling of ticking something off the list :)

  7. Thanks Ava, all fixed and your new chalkboard looks great!

  8. I never knew you could paint glass with chalkboard paint and it would work.....looks great!
    I noticed that spotlight have chalkboard fabric now.....
    x Marnie

  9. Oh wow, clever!! It looks great too. I love the height of it. If I wrote my lists in chalk though, my kids would erase them as soon as I left the room :)