Instagram Round up x

A ship called "Notorious" 
Council clean up roadside treasure.
Days of cats, kids and dappled winter light. 
New dresses in the mail and fallen owls.
Blog updates on much of these to follow shortly xx


  1. I saw Notorious this morning at Batemans Bay after we had been to the Market. I have some photos for my Blog tomorrow all about my week in the warm. Home again in Corryong tonight where it is freezing, wet and even had snow on the hills yesterday. I think I should have stayed by the sea even though 'there be pirates' xx

  2. Gadzooks Ava you're gifted with words, superb taste, photography, finding stuff your talents are sensaish. Gorgeous blog you gorgeous girl☺

  3. lovely images, thanks for sharing. xx

  4. looks like some stories in those photos, looking forward to hearing them!

  5. Ava helloooooo from sunny uk...!!
    so happy you found me... because now I have found you too...
    I do love having a new blog to read with a cuppa....following too.

    Also putting you on 'my fave' blog other lucky people can discover you....Happy days....

    Bestest to you and yours

    Daisy j x