Middlemost Love

A little secret . I love hand made , I love girly girl dresses and I adore Middlemost, an industrious maker from Wagga. I discovered her about a year ago on Instagram ( follow me with the link on the side bar ) Janine sold beautiful clothes at Liz's beautiful shop called Gleaners ( Where I got my foxy scarf ) 
She makes clothes from vintage recycled fabrics ... listens to the odd Pixies song and now is a mad keen Roller Derby girl ...you can see her roller derby gear here , and you can buy her to die for dresses , skirts , blouses and jewellery here. Addictive much ...don't say you weren't warned  xx

These are her latest dresses .... Hmmm Don't mind if I do ;) 
Make sure you have a look 


  1. I love those red boots! The dresses are nice too.

  2. Love the dresses and all the other pretty things in her shop. Thanks for telling us about her.

  3. Hey Ava! It's Kimberlee from Preciousowl just checking in to say hello and share some love. Your blog is so cute and pretty! I love your red and white polka-dotted background. I'm now following you too. <3

  4. Those dresses look so feminine - is that a twill-weave cotton? Such beautiful fabric. I can see why you're hooked on them.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following! Will be following you too as soon as I finish typing this.... :)