My Orphan Window / Industrial Menu Board

A relentless collector of building materials ... my whole house has been renovated on other peoples cast aways. Before even owning a house we lived with a shed full of old architraves,  doors , mantelpieces and windows ... For one day.
This orphan window is one of the many things I've never used and found hard to part with .
A few coats of blackboard paint , some eye hooks and wire and she has been reborn ....ready to hang.
Thrilled with my new menu board 
Treasured things ... even the vegetables


  1. Ava, I absolutely love your menu chalkboard! I have one that I hang in my kitchen (IKEA). I love where you placed yours.

  2. Loving your style. I have a strange question about a picture that you have in this post It is a religious image of Mary or a nun. I found the same image on the side of the road and wondered if you have any info about it at all?

    1. Lesley ... I think it's Saint Theresa .... I am not a catholic but adore religious iconography and collectibles ...its the "smoke and mirrors" the mystique that appeals. Lucky you ... hang on to her x