Stitch in Time

Today we sewed ... we had big plans , skirts, dresses, pyjamas .... and then those plans got realistic, they became heat bags. Heat bags filled with wheat and lavender, shaped like bluebirds and dinosaurs. Three of the Picket Fence children used the sewing machine for the first time. Miss Teen Picket Fence made us scones (and a scone like mess in the kitchen I might add.)
Miss 9 and Miss 11 took all photo's bar two (wishing I'd done my hair) and we made, if nothing more .... memories xx


  1. Wonderful, great family sewing adventure!
    When I clean my sewing room cleaned I might get my little ones to do some sewing- they have been asking!

  2. you are THE BEST MUM EVER!!~~

    i feel guilty now thinking i should have done more with my two boys!!~~
    I did teach them both how to knit though LOL...

    xx andrea