February Photo A Day Part 2

 Welcome back to my photos from Fat Mum Slim's "February Photo A Day". Here we go with the second instalment :)
Day 12 "Inside Your Closet"
My clothes closet is pretty ordinary. I tend to spend more money and time picking antiques and vintage bits and bobs than I do clothes. (I am my mothers only daughter...Such a disappointment ! ) This is a section of my linen closet. A tidy section.
Day 13 "Blue"
 It had to be Master Picket Fence's treasure. I waited a long time to buy blue :) Humour me.
 Day 14 " Heart"
On my Lounge room wall (I do love a pretty Dust Collector)
Day 15 " Phone"
 Day 16 "Something new"
As I mentioned. I bought a quilt.....
And here it is again. You can get one from Lazybones in Australia or Anthropologie in the USA
Day 17 "Time"
That's 0245hrs and I was at work..... sigh.
 Day 18 "Drink"
Chocolate milkshake in an old cream bottle. Tastes better this way.
 Day 19 "Something you hate to do"
I need a working dishwasher.
So thats it .....another little peek into my world. This list is good because it makes me photograph things that I'd  never think twice about. Next post will feature another simple project that  I finished this week. Always a triumph to finish something , no matter how small. I have a life long stock pile of projects. Do you ? Or are you more organised than me ? I'd love to hear xx

It might even look like this.


  1. I like the look of that wooden tray trolley, can't wait to see what you've been up to!

  2. Hey there, you are so good taking the time to do all these shots!!! I especially love 'time' and 'drink'. Hope you have an awesome week!

  3. Ava I have decided your shots are worthy of jumping into. Especially that lovely drink. Loving that tray and you darling clock. Enjoy your week...smiles...Renee

  4. Hi Ava, you are very brave letting us see in your cupboard and your washing up bowl! I have a whole host of projects. I am not organised, but I am working on it! Love Linda x

  5. Great photo's and idea's. I like the chocolate milk photo, with your pretty china plates. I hate doing the dishes as well..I also took a photo of my washing up for this one as well :P (it was between washing up or ironing).
    Have a great week :)

  6. I love your photos!! :) I think your "Drink" pic is my favorite!! I suddenly have a craving for a cold, chocolatey drink!! :)

    I think if I ever ran out of future projects I'd feel lost!!! So, yes, I do have a lifelong list of things to do, too!! :)