January Photo A Day Round up

 Better late than never :) here is the final week of my Photo a Day challenge for January. I've decided to do February as well . Jump on board it's so much fun.  Thank you Fat Mum Slim for putting it all together!
Day 22 " Your shoes" 
Yes it's true  ...in total I own 3 pairs of shoes. My blundstone boots aren't in the photo...they are far  too grubby . I'm not a "shoe girl "
Day 23 " Something Old" 
I found this one tricky. So many things in our house are varying degrees of old. This is my Mattei Bros church statue, chippy, tall and wonderful she is a definite contender in my favourite old thing stakes !
Day 24 " Guilty Pleasure" 
Um ... I Love Lollies....way too often  :) 
Day 25 "Something you made" 
This is a quilt I made when Miss Teen Picket Fence was only 3. The hearts are from the dresses she wore and grew out of that year. It makes me very sentimental...time rushes by so quickly.....
Day 26 "Colour"
We have a lot of colour  in our house which I am trying to rein in....we are aiming for white walls with splashes of vintage colour .
Day 27 "Lunch"
Day 28 "Light" 
Through my front window where a basket chandelier hangs.
Day 29 "My Fridge"
The clean part :)
 Day 30 "Nature"
Buddlia in my kitchen.
Day 31 "You again" 
Gah....how I dislike photo's of me....here it is regardless :)
This week I was featured on an amazing American Blog  I've had so many lovely emails from this and it feels pretty awesome. I love my American friends...you guys seriously know how to make an Aussie feel loved ! Thank you :)  Pop on over and check out Brenda's blog  http://www.cozylittlehouse.com/...it is the real deal ...just gorgeous. 
Anyway next post is going to be about our most recent addition  to the Picket Fence House.... she has 4 legs    and is super cute....she's not the cat pictured below with Master Picket Fence ( our elderly and most patient Tom "BJ " )  We're excited :)  Can't wait to see you then xx


  1. I have enjoyed your picture post so very much. I am not a shoe girl either. Why waste energy when there are vintage items to be had. I will take pictures of everyone else all day long and avoid the lens at all cost. Smiles...Renee

  2. And I'm another visitor via Brenda's blog... so good to meet you and read about your life Down Under!

  3. I loved this post and seeing all your pictures, and I thought the picture of you was rather cute. :)

  4. Hi Ava
    Love that idea for a quilt just so much - wishing I'd kept all the dresses now
    And the cat shot is ace :-)

  5. Howdy, Ava, Love your blog! I'm pretty new to blogville, but finding it to be lots of fun. So many beautiful things, great inspiration, many new friends!!!
    Hope the weather is good down your way. Here in North Texas it's been damp or raining the last couple of days, but today the sun is trying to come out, Yah!

    Wishing you a fun weekend, Hugs, Maki at Maki's Little Red House.blogspot.com

  6. I do enjoy seeing your various photo's for the photo a day challenge. I am so pleased that I found out about it from your blog :)
    Such pretty red shoes. I am the same as you, I really only own a few pair of shoes, I must of missed that shoe collection bug somewhere down the line :P
    I love the quilt, what a a lovely idea and a great keepsake.
    Such lovely photo's you take!
    Have a great weekend..

  7. So many wonderful things to learn about you! I adore the little hearts on your handmade quilt. Magnificent!

  8. Love your blog. I am off to read more of your posts. Found you through Cozy Little House.

  9. Lovely photos Ava as usual. Glad to see I'm not the only one with very few shoes. I suppose if I only wear them if I leave the house then I really don't need too many.

  10. Ava I have been flicking through your blog since Brenda from Cosy Little House mentioned you. I like your style and you certainly have a way with words.

  11. Hello Ava, great pics. I love the stained glass window through the chandelier...very arty and sparkly! I love the quilt and the sentiment behind it, and the sweeties! I am not a shoe girl either, but we are in the minority! Have a great week, love Linda x