How to Hang a Mason Jar and Look Super Tricky

 If you haven't found Pinterest yet, then I'd have to demand you whizz down and have a look. It's a virtual pinboard...where you pin ideas and pictures that inspire you. If I have spare on line time, this is where I like to spend it. If you want an invite, then please email me... I'll happily send one out to you. You can also check out my boards by clicking on the Pinterest link on my sidebar  xx It was on Pinterest, that I saw the idea above....Its from The Created Home
O. K
A Mason Jar.
     Not tricky ....
 A Curtain Bracket....2 self tapping screws and a near 3 year old assistant.
Still not tricky :)
Extra wire ( because I'm fussy )
 And... just like that.... "Pow" have a hanging Mason vase.
Which looks ....
tricky :)
Even decidedly tragic supermarket Tulips take on a new air here.....
 I love to look Tricky :)
 Maybe with a vase or too hanging around Mr Picket Fence might pick me some daisies ? Or, if you're  like me, you will pick them yourself :) Life's too short to wait for someone to bring you flowers. Go on, Check out need to do this ;) Soul therapy xx

Because I didn't get flowers, I bought a quilt....Sometimes love is made from Jersey cotton and comes delivered  ;)


  1. Love the Quilt and also love the jar idea. I think I have some curtain brackets somewhere and I know I have the jars....

  2. Yay for hanging flowers everywhere and what a heavenly quilt, I'm sure you've been getting the best nights sleep in that!!!

  3. Yes delivered love is good it. Smiles...Renee

  4. I have seen that exact quilt in magazines and love it! want it for myself someday!!!

  5. tricky and cool
    enjoy the quilt :-)

  6. I really like this idea, I will have to try it!