February Photo A Day

 OK in case you weren't bored enough with January. I'm sharing my Photo a Day instagram shots for February.  Have you tried instagram ? It's seriously the most addictive little iPhone  app ever. It comes with amazing filters and is complete with its own community of photo crazy users ...some of whose photo's are seriously amazing.  Check it out. To find me ....look up @Picketfencefancy . If you don't have an iPhone,you can find me by clicking my followgram button ( under my twitter button on the sidebar ). I'd love to have you join me xx
Day 1 " Your view today"
 My town :)
Day 2 "Words"
This photo is part of an original bus destination roll given to me as a "friendship necklace"... My dear friend has half the roll and I have the other half. I treasure her friendship even more than the roll and boy do it treasure this piece of black and white industrial gorgeousness  ( feel free to tell me that there is no such word....the sentiment's there )
Day 3 "Hands" 
These are the hands of my colleagues in my "Not so Picket Fence job" I spend hours a week with these hands and I value them more than I sometimes tell them. I guess I do have a "Picket Fence kind of job" after all ! 
Day 4 " A stranger" 
Oh I found this so hard. I felt like a complete stalker. I will never be any kind of paparazzi :)
Day 5 "10am "
Another part of my precious town. 
Day 6 "Dinner"
I'd like to pretend I was cooler than this.
I'm not .
 Day 7 "Button"
I do love my buttons.
Day 8 " Sun"
And right on cue...
It rained ;)
 Day 9 " Front Door"
This is my huge lead light front door.  to cut a long story short...I have to thank Mr Picket Fence for his patience here. I bought it as a bargain and a soul choice. The head choice should have probably jumped in because it was much bigger than our original door and we had to seriously renovate the entrance to make it fit. It was worth it. I love you Mr PF xx
 Day 10 " Self Portrait"
You know how I feel about these....I nearly drew one instead. I am less artistic than I am shy.... I am  horribly shy and as artistic as a house brick ...hence you get a photo.
Day 11 " Makes You happy"
Living here makes me happy :) Oh yes sir indeed,  I know how lucky I am ... I pinch myself every day.
Well it's the weekend . I hope you have a wonderful time. In a moment of madness I agreed to go with Mr Picket Fence and the children to the Speedway this Sunday....ahem.... so not me... however a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. Mr PF used to be a racing car driver, so this is kind of his thing, in a big way  ...think of me and send me car appreciation vibes xx

Wondering why this photo  is here? I love my iPhone but was feeling DSLR guilt . Master Picket Fence and I spent a morning playing with my Canon EOS. ( It's like having two boyfriends...camera love, spoilt for choice)  


  1. Oh this is a great selection of photos.
    And I am with you re my camera infidelity. I have abandoned my Canon EOS for the moment for his sexier little brother iphone. I know I should go back to him as he is so clear headed and reliable, but my whirlwind love affair with instagram is so exhilarating!!!!!

  2. Hey Betty Jo !! Look at this reply business.... Blogger you've impressed me !!

  3. Gorgeous photos again Ava.........

  4. :) lovely...makes me so want to move down the coast again!!

  5. Pictures say it all, looks like your in paradise!

  6. Hi Ava, I've enjoyed seeing all your challenge photos, I agree you do live in a beautiful part of the country. And its always nice to see you.