Here at the Picket Fence house, life is always a little chaotic. Mr Picket Fence and I are big believers in learning through play, dirty hands and joyful hearts .We believe that life is better experienced than viewed and that simple pleasures, family based activities, make great platforms for the learning of solid values. We had the opportunity to welcome a new puppy into the fold and in a heart-beat  knew that this little girl was the perfect fit for our family. So now...we are a family of six humans, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 9 chooks and two gorgeous ducks.  Eleven weeks old....This is " Poppy"
 Sleepy in the sunshine.
Happy to bounce with a little boy.
 Perplexed by the said little boys "flight"
 Absolutely gorgeous and loveable
 Not adverse to a scratch in just the right spot
We are all so happy that Poppy has come to live with us. She feels like a perfect fit.
 We really need to thank her foster parents Tim and Kesh Coulson as without them we would never have met her. Check out Tim's pictures of Poppy here.
See you soon with this weeks  photos of my February photo a day challenge. Todays subject is "The sun" and its missing .....today is  grey and overcast..... I might have to think more broadly! Fingers crossed for inspiration xx


  1. this is very sweet. poppy is adorable. i love her name. a little boys best friend. happy days ahead.

  2. Beautiful! Everyday I smile and say to Tim how glad and grateful I am that she has the best home she could possibly have. You guys are the best. xx

  3. Love the NAME Picket Fence Family

  4. you are all so lucky to have each other ~ meant to be!

  5. Poppy the puppy is gorgeous x

  6. She is absolutely beautiful and looks as if she fits right into family life.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. She is just adorable!! What more could a dog want..cuddles, pats and a cosy place to nap :)

  8. Oh a boy and his dog....nothing sweeter. We have a house full of four feeters. The more the merrier. Sadness always feels lighter when something warm and furry lays in your lap. Poppy is beautiful. Smiles...Renee

  9. She has such a sweet face! I bet your other dog is enjoying having another pup to play with, I know our old dog got a new lease of life when Machicho came into our home.

  10. What lovely pics.
    You have been tagged. Please check out my post for Friday 10th. I hope you don't mind.
    Love from Mum