A Wheeled Industrial Toy Box

 I wonder how many of you are like me ?  I have a million unfinished projects ....or to put it more positively "Works in progress" I see something I could make or do or have a go at and I get this uncontrollable itch to have a go. I get depressed if I'm not planning, doing or near completing a project. It's lovely when it's finished but I really much prefer  that feeling just before it's finished.... When you can nearly see the end but not quite. I spend far too much time looking for new ideas..my brain is bursting (with ideas , not with intellect !)
I have always been this way but I've suddenly realised not everyone is the same. Sometimes I forget that I have four children and a real life job when I plan big projects like major interior colour changes ( I'm still painting) or ripping out a wall. It gets a bit crazy.  Fortunately my children love the feeling of "Flux" when projects are happening. They have of course,  grown up around this kind of chaos. I hope they look back on it with love.

Anyway.  Here is a box I've had squirrelled away .... No real plans for it but too lovely to leave at a garage sale.
Four casters I rescued off a lounge by the side of the road at council clean up. I am an embarrassment to my children at that time of year :) Yes I do carry a screw driver in my handbag.
Bam , that old box looks like it has a function. Project completed !!
Too easy
It now holds Master Picket Fence's farm animals....in any room he chooses.
A boy needs wheels :)

Note my sons paint stained play clothes. That's us all class ;) I told you I get distracted .


  1. Hi Ava, love the toy tray! such a great project. It is very similar to our pie tray come coffee table. I, like you, always have a few things in mind, but some never get started, hence the pile in the shed.

    I think we have the same class as you, India is always covered in something..haha

    Enjoy your day, T x

  2. can totally relate right down 2 my childrens stained clothing ;))

  3. My list is probably like yours adding ten things on the bottom and removing one from the top. I have learnt not to start anything until the one I am doing is finished or I would be in real trouble!

  4. Love it, just add a rope to pull it along! Lucky kids. x

  5. As my kids would say AWESOME!!!

  6. Great idea - love it!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Wonderful idea! Would work out good as well using old apple crates :) I have so many things I would like to do project wise..just never seem to find enough time in the day :P
    Have a great day today

  8. Oooo...I want to be in your class. It looks like a fun place to be. No rules just play. Beautifully done and filled with just the right stuff. I am off to but a screwdriver in my purse. Do they come in floral print? Smiles...Renee

  9. Hello Ava, how I laughed when I read this post. I am so like you. When I am in the 'zone' everything goes to pot. My poor husband is so not like me, and likes order and for things to stay the same (he married the wrong woman).

    I adore your little box, and thought it was terribly noble of you to give it over to your children. I would have liked it with cupcakes in! Keep creating...I love it! Love Linda x