A Collection Of Bottles

 Welcome :) This is a quick post to say hello and show you pictures of some bottles Ive been playing with. Yes I hear you groan, "But we've all seen old bottles" but these have a story.
Mr Picket Fence does a lot of gardening type jobs and one of his very elderly clients became unwell and sadly, passed away. What was sadder, was that his son was too busy to go through his fathers meagre possessions and, hence paid Mr Picket Fence to dispose of them "Keep whatever you like and send the rest to the tip " :(
I'm sure you will agree that this was a difficult thing to hear, so when Mr Picket Fence arrived with the contents of this mans life in the back of his truck, a few things had to be rescued. Some picture frames and books, a few pot plants and several tea chests full of "Mason Agee" jars and bottles were pulled out. I could see this man had loved his collection and grubby as it was, it needed to be given the respect it deserved. It had to stay, and so, we welcomed his collection, mud and cobwebs and all, into the Picket Fence family.
So I spent two days washing and scrubbing and shining bottles. The Picket Fence children gave up on dinner and Mr Picket Fence just smirked a little as he came in to find I'd blocked the sink (again) with mud from the said treasure. But this was important, I wanted to give these bottles the show they deserved, I wanted to give this man the respect he deserved, and so, clean his bottles I would. I wanted to make things right. I was a woman on a mission ;)
So even though he never got to see the sun glint off his collection, you my Picket Fence Friends will get to ooh and ahhh and say how nice they look. There are a lot more to do, but this is their show. I dearly hope that you can read blogs in heaven :) I'm sure he's a follower xx
A little scratched up but lovely with carnations :)
I personally love both these bottles, lovely and big with gorgeous graphics.
Golden circle does babies breath :)
Beer and roses.
And this one is just for him...just a bottle xx
I feel better now, I'll tonight finish the rest of his bottles. I'm keeping the "Agee Mason" jars and the cordial bottles, the others I'm not sure of what to do. For now they'll sit all sparkly and clean in the darkness of my cupboard, perhaps dreaming of the day they got all spiffed up and had their show.
Thanks for sharing it with me , I'm sure he'd be proud. See you soon :)


  1. I definitely think the cordial one is my fav. What a lovely load of old bottles..and well done on the clean up!!

  2. Mine too Samantha :) I spent so much time wondering what he thought of them all and where he got them from . The cordial bottle is so different to the others, it,s special xx

  3. call me emotional but this put a tear in my eye. i'm sure he thinks it is wonderful that someone else is now enjoying his bottles, my favourite is the golden circle ones. good job luv! xxxx

  4. Thanks Becky. I'm glad you liked it! Yes the golden circle bottles are keepers for sure :)

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  6. so lovely, glad to hear the blocked sink didnt get the better of you. Must give that bottle cleaning powder a go on all my muddy bottles!

  7. Gorgeous Bottles Ava!!! And that cleaning product is amazing! I have never seen it before!
    Have a great weekend,
    jen xo

  8. Thanks Jen :) Hoping you have a great weekend too xx

  9. Old glass bottles are becoming very collectable here now, the ones that have survived recycling. Keep the other ones and they may be worth some money some day. I like the colorful ones. I admit to having some miscellaneous glass bottles from the past...

  10. This brought tears to my eyes... a lovely tribute. You have a lovely heart Miss Ava xx