The Must Have White Book Shelf :)

 Hello all :) Hasn't it been a glorious week ...This blog post is about the latest project on which I've been working. One of my friends was having her carpet removed and floorboards polished. She wanted to de-clutter at the same time. Obviously  being the obsessive furniture hunter that I am, I could see potential. Here's the book case at her house, just perfect for my bits and bots ,after all , I do love clutter :)

 Yes indeedy, all lovely in varnished pine, nothing to be done.Truth be known,  I heard some friends beg, "Just leave it alone" but of course couldn't , I'm just not that way needed paint. So, before several coats of Dulux antique white USA, this is how it looked....

 It stayed looking this way for a few weeks, because, it seems  Picket Fence life  got in the way, duty called, family get together's , school holidays, a broken iPhone (gasp), teenage fashion crises , work in my real "not so Picket Fence" job, some bubble blowing :) some newly found first grey hairs ( mad rush for Clairol ) and a very gorgeous royal wedding meant the book case had to sit and wait.

 Fortunately I found time to finish same and I was pretty darn happy. This being despite the fact that I had to rearrange pretty much the whole house, I had absolutely no room for a new book case ( something I pretended to have all sorted, rather than admit to Mr Picket Fence that I'd bought in haste) The house looked like a church hall jumble sale and I admit things got a little tense. I was a little indecisive and Mr Picket Fence was a little impatient but..eventually we got there.

 This how it looks now, it still needs some paint removed from the glass ( I am not the queen of cutting in ) and it has some lovely old handles to go on, but I need Mr Picket Fence to lend me his drill and he's distracted by the nightly news ...the finding of Osama Bin Laden ( hmmm priorities darling!!!)

Next project involves weatherboards, hooks and white paint, something to keep the towels off the floor ! But first to get that paint off the glass and then Mothers day,  this mummy's hoping for a" lens baby muse" camera lens. Fingers crossed :)
   I promise I will catch up soon, thanks again for stopping by...

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  1. Looks great. I love Antique White USA.
    I hope you stop by my blog to have a chance at winning those pink pearls. I'm drawing it tomorrow.
    x Marnie

  2. Love your blog

    Alison XX

  3. Thanks Marnie, I've already admired your pink pearl post but was very naughty and remained a dreadful "Lurker" I will go and fix that immediately xx

  4. Thanks Alison ,I'm grateful and pleased that you read it :)

  5. Great score there, looks fabulous and who doesnt need an extra storage cabinet eh?? Loving the Peters ice cream light, I've spotted our good Buddy Chesty in a few of the photos too :0)

  6. Thanks Alicia, I'll have to do a feature on Chesty. Chesty on a park bench, Chesty goes to the park, Chesty on a bus, Chesty has tea etc :)
    You make me smile xx

  7. Hi, Ava..I am over from 3 Pickles and thought I would say hello.
    You have a darling blog here. Anxious to read more.
    I love your new cabinet...I LOVE painted furniture.
    I will link up to follow..and hope you will stop by sometime.
    xo bj

  8. Hi Bj, I'm soooo excited to have you stop by. I justed checked out your blog...How beautiful are your photographs as are Marnie's. Will be following xx

  9. Love the new colour of the cabinet. Thanks for linking up to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays!

  10. Thanks for hosting, Sarah , thought you might like the white :)

  11. I have 4 children also. It's my opinion that no amount of hooks, hangers, etc. will keep towels and clothes and backpacks off the floor. I hope things are easier 'down under'. Your house surely looks like you have a better chance at success then I am likely to have....

  12. Oh, and the cabinet and story were lovely as well...

  13. I love white furniture, I have a Pinterest board devoted to it!!