Mothers Day At The Beach With The Picket Fencer's And My Lensbaby xx

Well Hello Picket Fence Friends :)
I'm hoping you had a gorgeous Mothers Day and got to indulge in a little sleeping in,some chocolate tasting and loads of "Warm as sunshine" cuddles from those you love :) Yep this includes you non mothers as well because as I mentioned before in my gorgeous-pink-camera-strap-cover review, Mothers Day is kind of a feel-good-lovely day for all.
Well, this Picket Fence Mother did rather nicely even if do I say so myself :) Hand drawn flowers covered in crinkled up coloured tissue paper and the obligatory "Best Mum Ever" coffee mug, some yummy  chocolates from Miss Teen Picket Fence and... wait for it... a lensbaby muse lens for my camera.... Wow Mr Picket Fence ;) However did you guess ??
With 4 children under foot, Mr Picket Fence, as much as he adores the said young ones, feels very grateful he doesn't have to do the bulk of the work with them....therefore on  Mothers Day I usually do rather nicely .... No need to change things yet !

So, as it was a fine day and unusually warm for Autumn, we took ourselves down to the beach to try out our new baby.
My real baby Picket Fencer decided today was his day to be clingy, so much of it I spent with a lurch  ( as you do when you have a two year old attached to your leg.)
 The lensbaby ( takes some really arty shots, you kind of squeeze and tilt it to choose your focused area and associated blurred bits (Kind of like real life really, don't you think ? Wishing I had a lensbaby in my mirror now !)

I was pleasantly surprised with the effects, had loads of fun, and with practice I think I will use it for taking the Picket Fence family portrait. (Of course the Picket Fence children promised they wouldn't get wet ;)
 It was a beautiful day,full of love and laughter and after all this fun, what more could I want but a warm bath , hot fire and you betcha
"God bless him" Mr Picket Fence ordered takeaway for dinner. He's a keeper xx
It's a busy Picket Fence week ahead ......our little town has its annual Oyster Festival Narooma Oyster Festival  ( think food and wine ) and my youngest Picket Fencers are in it's lantern parade ...Promise I will catch up soon xx
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  1. Very cute blog, love your colour scheme!

  2. Hello !! MissMollyCoddle I'm so glad you like it :) And thanks for leaving a comment (makes my day !!)

  3. Hi! Just found your blog, and love it!! Stole a button for mine, hope you don't mind, it's just I get so excited when I meet other Australian bloggers!!! Jenny From Deekie Belle Designs here, you are much more than welcome to pop by and say 'hi!'
    Jen xo

  4. Hi Jen ,thanks for your comment :) Thrilled you like my blog and so pleased you grabbed my button !! Thought your blog was very refined . You have a new follower xx

  5. Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing them at Beach Cottage good Life Wednesdays.

  6. Love these photos. I'm heading over to your link to check out this lens, thanks.
    x Marnie

  7. Thanks Marnie :) I used the muse with the double glass optic. We had so much fun with this xx

  8. Just had to come back and let your know that I checked out the Lensebaby site - wow!! Those things look fantastic! Can I ask what the price was Ava?

    thanks so much!
    Jen xoxo

  9. Hi Jenny :) We bought ours off Ebay, Search "lensbaby muse" We paid $159.00 including postage, there are dearer versions but I find the basic model just fine for on the go photography "The composer" would be good for still shots but is around $300.00. You may get a better deal from USA at the moment as our dollar is holding rather well at this time.Glad you stopped back ! Hope your day is bright and lovely xx