We Love Australian Small Towns

 Hello Picket Fence Friends, I hope you had a fabulous weekend ? Hasn't the weather been just perfect ?
 It was a sunny day here, and the Picket Fence kids and I were feeling a little restless. We lured Mr Picket Fence away from his work and out on a day trip, and, with the promise of hot food in the sunshine, he was easily led :)   After some scenic country driving we landed at a gorgeous quiet little country town called Cobargo . Hot chips attended, we made our way down the prettiest street. Hard not to love a view like this.
Gorgeous old buildings.
Loads of signage( Did you guess I have a font fetish ? xx )
The Picket Fence girls shared a laugh with a local lady. I think she enjoyed our visit !
I loved these old apothecary jars. They sit in an old "Pears" advertising cupboard  proudly in the window of the town pharmacy .
More signage :) Did someone say font ?
This shop sits empty, long closed, but as far as shop names go ...it takes first prize. Love it :) "No Wife No Horse No Moustache" (I'm told based on an American film "Flirtation Walk" )
We made our way home and I was pleased to squeeze into the car, some new additions to the Picket Fence Fancy home. Some more enamel  to add to my clutter and this pretty sixties stool , love its swirly iron legs xx
 This week, thanks to the magical talent of my friend Happy Loves Rosie, I have gathered some new bits and bots for my page, I hope you take a look around and please feel free to leave a comment, because I do love comments xx
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  1. I am so in love with those apothecary jars.. What a great day out!

  2. Oh my! These photos are just beautiful! Australian country towns are the best, so much character and charm, we are so lucky!!! Have a great week!

  3. Thanks Jen ,We are indeed the lucky country :) Did you see ? Your comments came back this week :) Yay for blogger !

  4. so many gorgeous images, kinda felt like I was there!

  5. Thanks Jodi , Glad you stopped by xx

  6. I live in Sydney but my home town is Eden so we always drive through Cobargo on the way home. although I think i love Tilba Tilba and Central Tilba more. divine green countryside around there anyway.
    cheers Fiona (www.lilyfieldlife.blogspot.com)