Pink Camera Strap Heaven aka I love Etsy !

Thought I'd drop by and show you something that came in the post this week. For those of you in the loop, you would have heard there is a serious photography bug in the Picket Fence household. Since buying my camera, I've been snapping away, playing paparazzi, desperately wanting to learn how to take a good photo and working with the logic that "practice makes perfect"..The Picket Fence children are nearly immune to the flash bulbs (they're a patient lot, in sunglasses) The camera comes everywhere. It's part of the family. However, I have found, that the strap kind of rubs on my neck and I longed for something a little soft and special, a camera strap cover. Something trendy or maybe a little shabby, or maybe a little of both..... A hunt on Australian  eBay left me high and dry. I had to look further. Cue stage left :) That place is something else, Wow ! I'm planning on spending hours there when the Picket Fence children are asleep, maybe not buying, but looking and lurking and dreaming about buying and maybe just having a little splurge here and there if you know what I mean :)

 My first etsy purchase , this  parcel came all the way from  USA and I was so excited because as you know a package addressed to yourself from overseas is always exciting xx This little number came from Katelyn Svancara of and it's gorgeous. I was so pleased to see the quality of same, impressive :) I picked this fabric because it's very Picket Fence, Katelyn has so much to choose from I suggest you drop by and have a look...tell her that Ava in Australia sent you ;) I'll be getting another I think , maybe some thing more graphic in a black and white ?

So I had to show you a photo of how it looks in use and eek  that meant a photo of me.....wearing bad hair and a very stylish sweat-shirt :) Camera placement is EVERYTHING in a good photo...see I'm learning.

 Hoping you all have a beautiful Mothers day tomorrow, a day about mothers, and not necessarily about being a mother, so go out, and enjoy the fact that you either have once had, or still have, a lovely mother, and, if you are like me and are a mother to a bunch of Picket Fence children, sweep them up and hold them tight, for they grow oh so quickly :)  Oh and Mr Picket Fence, my favourite, most darling reader of Picket Fence Fancy...hint hint hint hint  xx


  1. ooooh I tell you what I will be rocking a schamsey camera and etsy camera strap in 2011 I swear I will. Loving your photos, enjoying instagram immensley!

  2. Thanks Alicia :) I'm currently investigating pininterest too...2011 is the year we totally get with it my dear xx When I get my invite I will send you one :)

  3. Aww thats lovely!! So very pretty...and you know I love that someone spent time and care making that much better than a mass produced one. Hugs Sam

  4. It is lovely isn't it Samantha, she is a talented girl that's for sure :)

  5. Hi there, Ava! I must say that you have one beautiful strap for your camera! Do you still have it? It’s very stylish and attractive, and it can protect your camera from slipping. :-)

    Erasmo Milsap