A Packet of Chocolate Royals

Good Morning Picket Fence Fancy friends,
This post is pretty much about nothing .Well actually, it's about Chocolate Royals :) So it's about something. It was the end of my working week ( in my not so Picket Fence job) and I really was wanting to go out in my garden and play with my lensbaby but it was kind of cold and the Picket Fence children were home from school and feeling a little "Friday", so instead , we had afternoon tea with a shop bought packet of Arnotts Chocolate Royals.
The Picket Fence children played inside, think mess and play-station's and school shoes strewn in hallways. Baby Picket Fence watched ABC children's television with fifty or so of his favourite toys tucked in around him. Miss Teen Picket Fence had a girlfriend around and they disappeared into the bathroom with a bottle of vibrant purple hair dye, think giggles and mess with a capital M. I however, played with my camera and my packet of Chocolate Royals for a long long time and it was just plain lovely :) Think children and teenagers and mess and housework blissfully ignored. We were all happy!
   Mr Picket Fence arrived home (from his not so Picket Fence job) and shook his head, mess and Picket Fence children everywhere, some with purple hair; and a mummy photographing chocolate Royals . 
We've been married a long time now and Mr Picket Fence has witnessed many funny and somewhat inexplicable  things, but this was the litmus test. He paused, stepped over the discarded school bags on the floor, kissed baby Picket Fence and his fifty favourite toys on the head ( as you do with children's favoured toys)  and grabbed a handful of biscuits. "I love you" he said "I love this" he added. I realised then that we really do have a Picket Fence kind of marriage and that that was incredibly wonderful :)
Hoping you have a gorgeous weekend, that you can get out into the fresh air with the ones you love, I'm planning on painting the legs of a table. But first to tidy up this Picket Fence house. Chocolate Royal anyone ?


  1. Now I'm just thinking of foreheads when I see those chocky royals ha! Yes I get the mayhem, my hubs and I have been married a long time too and he never seems to tire of it either, well on the odd occasion ha! Too funny on the purple hair dye, my eldest was doing the red hair dye with the marble bathroom vanity ~ its FINE mum she says yeeeesh!!

  2. Oh we do so love teenage logic :) Can't argue with it thats for sure! Hope you have a lovely weekend...xx

  3. ahhhhh, my all time favorite biscuit! and you make them look better than the real thing! Sounds like the Picket Fence home is a pretty amazing place - bless you all!
    Jen xoxo


  4. Thanks Jen :) Next time you are over in NSW you should drop by. We can have some biscuits together! xx

  5. Those cookies look heavenly! Such pretty pictures too! Looking forward to seeing pics of your caravan!

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  7. Do you think having my hubby read this will make him love chaos? Not that your house is chaos, but my house might be chaotic.

  8. Reading some of your archives... this is a lovely post... how fantastic that in your family everyone is cherished and accepted... Teens purple hair...check... bloggy, fun filled house behaviour...check... love xxx